Ink Duster Tutorials and Tips

I was asked by a lovely lady at the Doncaster Dome if I would put some tips for ink dusters on my blog, so I am creating a page dedicated to my favourite tool.
What inks do I use with my ink dusters?
You can use anything that is water based with your ink dusters. Paints, inks, chalks and pastels will all work. Makes of ink that are suitable are:
  • Memento
  • Adirondack
  • Distress ink
  • Big and Juicy
  • Kaleidacolor
  • Impress
  • Izinks
and there are probably many more too. Inks to avoid are Stazon, Archival, Versafine and anything else that is oil based or alcohol based.
What makes ink dusters better than shaving brushes or makeup brushes?
 The unique blend of bristles all in one brush are what make ink dusters special. They can be used with stencils, like a stencil brush, or to make bold or subtle backgrounds, depending on how or what you use with them.

I will try to keep adding more to this page and will include more video demos as soon as I can. Thanks for looking and feel free to leave me questions.


MaryH said...

Thanks for these tips and I'll be looking forward to your video. Now I guess I know the diff between the shaving brush & the ink dusters. Will have to see if I can find a source for the dusters. This look is new to me! You certainly know how to use them well!

Sally H said...

For UK customers you can get your Ink Dusters direct from Inkylicious. For overseas customers, Joanna Sheen ships overseas and does free shipping when you buy over a certain amount

Carola Bartz said...

Great video, Sally. These ink dusters seems to be a great tool. I have to check them out at Inkylicious. I look forward to more video tutorials from you!

Dora said...

hello Sally,
finally I can watch your video. last week we have a new dish for internet. because the old one give lots of problems such as not downloaden of video's. so YEAH!!
thank you so much for showing this. how you made this type of scenery.
have a wonderful sunday.

Karen said...

Just found your blog through YouTube, can I ask do you use a separate brush for each colour or do you have one brush for the same colour family - thank you for all the lovely inspiration

pianostamper said...

Love your tutorials! Is there a way to purchase dusters in the US?

Sally H said...

Hi Piano stamper
For overseas customers, including the US, Joanna Sheen ships overseas and does free shipping when you buy over a certain amount

Unknown said...

Hi Sally...I LOVE your videos and the cards are so beautiful!

Is there any way to purchase the Inkylicious stamps in the US?

Unknown said...

Sorry to bother you again, Sally.

I had previously purchased the ink dusters from Joanna Sheen. I was inquiring about the "Inkylicious" stamps. Is there any way I can purchase them online or by other means, that ships to the United States?
Thanks for any help you can give me. :)


pianostamper said...

Like others, I'd also like to know where the stamp sets you used can be purchased. Thanks again for posting--love your cards and instruction.

Maura said...

Thanks for the great video! Lovely cards!

Veronica said...

Many thanks for great, easy to watch and follow tutorials on your videos using the ink dusters.
Any chance of more tutorials showing how to get the fantastic reflection highlights on water etc?
Inkylicious have some beautiful stamps for reflections but I have no idea how to get the great effects to do them justice.........Please help if you can with one of your brilliant tutorials!

Unknown said...

Sally, your videos are great. Thanks a lot for your generosity to teach for everybody who wants to learn about crafts and some techniques. Thanks a lot! You are great!

Sally H said...

Thanks, Veronica. I will do my best. It is my daughter who films them for me, and she is away at University at the moment. We will try and plan it in for one of her holidays

Tillypuss said...

Sally, I aspire to be as talented as yourself. I am new to stamping and ink blending though have been paper crafting for around 7 years.
I love your creations and watch your tutorials avidly. Thank you.

Jeanie said...

Hi Sally great video
I have been crafting many years but always struggled with my stamping because of arthritis but i have just bought some inky dusters and i am so chuffed with them and seem to be doing better .thank you for sharing and look forward to trying them out