Friday, 27 April 2012

No card, but a plea

Hi There
I've been a bit busy at work this week, but was determined to visit a few blogs this evening. There seem to be lots of people out there who are not happy with the new Blogger interface. I tried it as soon as the message appeared on my blog, and like lots of people I wasn't impressed. The fact that the blog roll is not a separate feature to the latest posts annoyed me and also I struggled with the bright white and orange colour scheme. After a few minutes I found it hurt my eyes. I clicked on the cog symbol (top right) and found I could change back easily, but before I did I left feedback telling them that I didn't like it and why. I have done this twice now, but I urge you to do the same if you are unhappy. Surely if enough of us let Blogger know they might take notice. There seems to be an impression that we want it to all be faster, but speed to be honest doesn't bother me. I just want to be able to blog without squinting at the brightness of the colour scheme. I've read comments from people who have said they are thinking of giving up blogging because of it, and others who I know will struggle due to sight problems, as I will. Please please please leave feedback, post about it and spread the word. Blogger would never have been successful without all of us, so surely our opinion should hold some sway.
Thanks for listening



Cath Wilson said...

I haven't seen this, Sally, but I hear a lot of people complaining.

I'll email you a better option!


Teri said...

Hear-hear! It's a horrid layout and very disjointed. BIG YUCK from me! xx

brenda said...

Well said Sal, will be adding my thought to the cause.

Have a good weekend.

B x