Tuesday, 9 December 2008

At home

Megan has a really, really bad cough. Steve took her to the Doctors yesterday, but they weren't able to give her anything to help. She has been coughing all day and all night since Friday now - every few seconds. It is a real bark too. Sleep deprived and muscles aching she was in no fit state to go to school today, so I've been looking after her at home. Not alot I could do though, other than making sure she was warm enough and plied with drinks and hugged from time to time. She decided to watch a couple of dvds, so whilst she did I made a few more cards.
The christmas cards all feature some Magenta puzzle self-cling stamps I bought last year. The copper and brown toned papers are also Magenta. The papers on the birthday card are from the Canon Creative Park website, and the stamp is a woodware one.


  1. hope Megan gets well soon and Steve doesn't catch it before Thursday, wouldn't want him to miss the gig.

  2. Well, he isn't showing any signs of it yet, so I think he'll be ok!

  3. Boy that stuff is really going around. Everybody at work seems to be dealing with this stuff. Hope no one else at home get's it and I hope she gets better soon. I love your cards. You are very creative. I wish I were!

  4. Thank you! You are very kind. I love your photos. They are very creative too!


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