Thursday, 28 October 2010

Lovely walks

As it's half term we have enjoyed a couple of walks whilst the weather has been better. Yesterday we returned to the Robin Hood's way near Walesby for a lovely stroll in the afternoon sunshine.
 This photo was taken by Robin Hood's Cave by the river Meden. I was hoping to see the buzzards and a woodpecker again, but it wasn't to be, although there were still lots of Fungi.
We ventured a little further this time and on this lovely stretch of river we saw the unmistakeable blue flash of Kingfishers. I'm no where near a good enough photographer to capture a kingfisher in flight, so you will just have to believe me!
On the way back we spotted this little fella, sunning himself...
I think it's a Common Darter. He was so obliging, photographically and nearly landed on my head a couple of times!
We enjoyed a few more moments and then set off back for the car. As we entered the woodland we heard the unmistakeable soft hooting of a  tawny owl. So no Buzzards or woodpeckers, but owls and kingfishers instead - wonderful!

Today we had a lovely stroll around Shipley Country Park near Heanor, where we fed the ducks and swans,
admired the autumn colours, and marvelled at how laden the yew trees were with berries this year...
No cards to show you until tomorrow I'm afraid as it was too dark to take a photo once we got home. There is another 'creation' Meg and I have been working on, which I will show you tomorrow too. Thanks for looking x


brenda said...

What's with this word "sunshine" Sally ?

Apart from a glimps the other day that's been it for us lately.

Wonderful clarity to you pictures, thanks for sharing.

B x

Lynne K said...

Lovely photos. Looks like you had some great walks. You were lucky to see a kingfisher. We've had up to three buzzards regularly flying around over our house for several weeks now. At one time you'd only see them up in the hills. They seem to be more common everywhere now. xx

pinky said...

You seem to live in a beautiful part of your country Sally, the photos are gorgeous and love how you tell us about your walks.

Debbie Dolphin said...

Gorgeous photos sally and such gorgeous colours. I love autumn. Its not until you get older that you appreciate it!!
Love all the work you have done lately. I do look all the time but dont always comment as i flick through everything. Its a time thing with me. if i spend all my time on here I dont get to craft!! if you know what i mean!! So sorry about that but i'm not ignoring you.
I loved the red mushroom you found the other week , I would love to see one of those!!I need to get out more !!
Thanks again for all your lovely comments. I know you dont like Tilda but I'm addicted and find i'm really pushing myself with painting and distress inks!!lol
love Debbie xxx


Stunning photos Sally - this is a part of the country I have never visited - it really is very beautiful.
Have a great weekend.
Love, Sylvia xx

Kay Carley said...

Hi Sally. Great piccies!! Finally the autumn tints are showing here on the south east coast. I was starting to despair that I wasn't going to see any this year but yesterday through the country lanes the colours were fantastic! xx