Sunday, 28 August 2011

Photos from my holiday

Well, I've been back from holiday for 3 weeks and have realised I haven't shared many photos with you, so I'll do a quick post today and then maybe share some cards with you tomorrow.
Whilst in Suffolk we visited Suffolk Owl Sanctuary, and got up close to some beautiful birds of prey. There was the Red Kite...
and the Buzzard...

and so many owls!
Great Grey owls,
Eagle owls,
barn owls
and spectacled owls, that have the most beautiful soft hoot you could imagine. Thanks for looking!


Carola Bartz said...

Fantastic photos, Sally. As you can imagine from my owl "story" I love the owl pics here, but the others are stunning as well. The Red Kite is beautiful! These are such amazing birds.

Cath Wilson said...

Gorgeous photos, Sally - I think you're as obsessed as I am, lol. Lovely to see them all. Sounds like a great place. I just love birds and I particularly love red kites - stunning creatures!

Tracy said...

Sally I love your photo's, the owls are so beautiful and fabulous camera skills.
Happy crafting
Tracy x


Amazing photos Sally - I love birds, particularly Owls - they really are magnificent. Thanks so much for sharing.
Have a happy week - hugs, Sylvia xxxx

Faith A said...

That Great Owl has the most wonderful expresson. Wonderful photos.

We went to the Brecon Beacons where there are hundreds who come in at 3pm every day for feeding by a farmer who has helped reintroduce them to that part of Wales, incredible birds.

Sharon Whitley said...

gorgeous photos especially the red kites, went to see them feeding at Gigrin Farm in mid Wales last week, fabulous!