Saturday, 29 October 2011

A bit of fresh air and more craft shopping!

Yesterday, Steve, Meg and I went for a walk in the woods.
It had started off a bit misty, but the sun came out and the colours were amazing. It seems to be a good year for berries...
and the sun made them look as if they were glowing. 
The woods seemed alive with bird song and we saw this little chap. (If you can help me identify him I'd be grateful. I thought he might be a black cap, but when he turned he had a little dark patch beneath his beak, which makes me think he is a marsh tit or willow tit, maybe)
There were also some majestic hogweed seedheads, often covered in spider's webs.
I love Autumn! 
Today Meg and I went to Sir stampalot for the demo day. It was great to watch all the ladies demonstrating brayering, stamping, paper piecing and a wide variety of ink techniques. It was particularly lovely to see Brenda and Chris, and also to meet a few more faces from Blog land like Penni - very nice to meet you and hope you didn't have to stop for any trains on the way home! I even managed to exchange a bag of our Bramley's for a box of splendid plum tomatoes from Eddy,  Brenda's Hubby.
It was a fabulous day, and the cherry on the cake at the end of it was to see a red kite as we were driving home! I stopped to let an ambulance out of a side street on the outskirts of Helpston and there it was flying in front of us, with that magnificent forked tail! I am sure our facial expressions were not particularly appropriate to the ambulance driver as we whooped and cried 'Red Kite'! Unfortunately my camera was in the boot of the car, so here is a photo of one I took on holiday (in captivity).
Well, thanks for reading my ramblings. I'll be back with a card or two very soon!


Cath Wilson said...

Lovely photos, Sally - think it's a black cap? They have a fab call if you get to hear it - kind of like a woodpecker but deeper? Lovely photo and lucky you! I was out yesterday, too and got to see some fab birds (including a kingfisher perched 2-3 metres away) and great stuff. Good to get out for a change and especially at this time of year. Today was so grey and miserable. Lovely red kite, too. Must get back to Gigrin to see them there - that was one of my best days ever!

craftimamma said...

It sounds and looks as though you've had a really lovely couple of days Sally. I agree with you about the berries, they seem to be abundant wherever you look this year. I hope that doesn't bode ill for the winter to come.

Lesley Xx

Paula Whittaker said...

wonderful photo's, thank you for sharing and also thank you for commenting recently and recomending a singer to have a listen too!


Beautiful photos Sally - love this time of year when the colours are changing to gorgeous reds and golds.
Pleased to hear that you and Meg had a great time at the Stampalot weekend.
Have a lovely Sunday - Sylvia xx

Sue said...

These are beautiful photo's Sally, Autumn really is lovely isn't it!
Sounds like Meg and yourself had a fab time at Sir Stampalot's. I am definitely going to try and get to some classes next year x

Lesley said...

Lovely photos Sally. And I am particularly loving your Eggpland Ink Dusting in your previous post. Really gorgeous!!

lisa said...

Your Autumn photos are beautiful, Sally. The countryside is just getting to it's colourful best isn't it?
Sir Stampalots sounds like a great day out. I'm so glad you both enjoyed it.
I had to smile at your excitement at seeing the Red Kite. They are as common as blackbirds here. We see two or three everyday. They were bred at Harewood and released some years ago and are plentiful now. It's still great to see them though.
Hugs Lisax

Dolly Daydreams said...

Sally love your "ramblings" feel like I had a day out too ! its nice to hear about your life as well as see your beautiful creations . So thank you !