Monday, 12 December 2011

A very quick post

Well, I'm sorry I haven't managed a proper post yet with some cards on it . There is one in the pipeline, honest!
Panto went very well, and it's all over for another year. I had to share these photos with you.
Playground duty on Friday afternoon and the sky was looking decidedly dodgy. I was almost expecting it to snow as the clouds had taken on a very unusual colour and a wall of cloud was approaching fast. There were a few drops of ice cold rain and then the most amazing rainbow appeared in an arc right over the school. it was so intense and bright that you could see more colours than usual.
Thanks for looking!


Fliss said...

Lovely photos Sally. We had one yesterday and I rushed for my camera as it was gorgeous but didn't get there fast enough!
Glad the panto went well.
Have a lovely Christmas.
Hugs, Fliss xx

Lisa Jane said...

wow fab pic .. glad the panto went well.. Lisa

lisa said...

The rainbows have been amazing recently haven't they. This certainly is a stunner, well done for snapping it, i never seem to have my camera with me.
Glad the panto went well, we are still in the middle of ours. DD is coughing and croaky like half her class but soldiering on. quite literally. They are doing the Christmas truce in WW1 and it's really good, saw it yesterday.
I'm glad I'm not the only one struggling with cards, I should be doing them now, but blogland seemed more appealing!! I think a snow day may be wishful thinking although I've got no excuses!!
Have a lovely Tuesday.
hugs Lisax

Izzwizz said...

What a fabulous rainbow! Fab photo. x

Kathy said...

Gorgeous rainbow! I just love it when I have opportunity to catch one - simply wonderful! I have enjoyed my visit to your blog - love your talent and look forward to seeing more - I am your newest follower!

Faith A said...

WOW that is bright, you were in the right palce at the right time ay? lovely photo

Cath Wilson said...

Ooh, what a treat. Thanks so much for sharing this - I always feel so uplifted whenever I see a rainbow! Nature's amazing. Glad your panto went well and hope the rest of the week goes smoothly x

Linby said...

Fab rainbow, we saw a double one at the same time whilst at work, but didn't have my camera!
Lynn x