Tuesday, 14 February 2012

This and that

First of all Happy Valentine's Day everyone. I don't have a card to post because they are already on here, but I must show you what I found...
How cute is that? A heart shaped potato!
On Sunday, Meg and I had our Karate grading, and got our Red Belts. Sensai told us that sweat is fat crying - made me laugh!
Here we are sporting the new belts. I can't believe how tall Meg is getting - didn't realise she is that much taller than me!
Finally I made a card, inspired by the photos I took on Saturday (see post below). I used ink dusters and Inkylicious stamps with Adirondack inks.
Thanks for looking, and I hope you have had a great Valentine's day!


Victoria said...

Congratulations on the new belts!! You have no idea how strange it is to see a picture of a potato instead of a card in my blogger dashboard - couldn't resist popping over for a visit! Gorgeous winter scene you've created too!

craftimamma said...

Congratulations to you both on your red belts. |Love the potato, lol, and your card is gorgeous. Great representation of the photos.

Lesley Xx

Milena said...

Oh Sal, that potato is simply wonderful!!! Trust you to find it :) Congratulations on your belts, wow Meg does look grown up - how did that happen?

Teri said...

Great spud!! lol. Congrats on getting your new belts. My kids will be overtaking me soon too :( Not hard mind, I'm only 5ft 3" !!
Love that card, looks so peaceful and tranquil.

Lisa Jane said...

oh you both look fab in your karate gear! well done!
That spud is amazing ... we wouldn't want to eat it in this house lol..
gorgeous scene - love the flourishes
Lisa x

lisa said...

Love your Spud, Sally, you old romantic.
Congrats on your red belts. Meg is so much the young lady now isn't she and so tall.
Love your tree card, the colours are glorious.
Hope you are enjoying half term.
Hugs Lisax

Faith A said...

WOW, what a lot has gone on in a short time, a heart potato, your fat crying! AND a beautiful card.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sally,
What a fab post! Congrats on the karate belt - I'm very impressed! Love the idea of fat crying, lol!

Fab spud - you should send it to Jules, lol!

Finally, your card is FABULOUS!! I'm not surprised your photos inspired you to make it.

Valerie said...

Congratulations Sally to you and Meg on your belts! What an amazing potato and your card is fabulous! You are so good at these scenes:)
Val x