Tuesday, 23 October 2012

An Inkylicious playtime!

We had a brilliant time at Doncaster, and Lynne has stayed for a couple of extra days, so we have shopped and crafted too! I probably spent the most money at Inkylicious. They have some fabulous new stamps and as always, Deby's samples were breathtaking.
She has released several new trees (Yes, Brenda!), amongst which is the Northern Pine. I came home and started playing, and ended up with this:
 I used Adirondack inks in Twilight purple, Mountain Rose and Peach Bellini (A fabulous combo used by Shaz in Oz). All stamps are from Inkylicious, including the sentiment and the tiny text I used on the base card. I love this colour combo and will definitely use it again.
Next I had a go at wetting my Ink Dusters to swipe across some card to make a watery background, which we saw Deby demonstrate. The colours are quite subtle and difficult to capture in a photo, but this is what I came up with.
The bullrushes stamp was stamped in archival Black, with the reflection in second generation ink, and the ripples done by hand with a fine liner. The background music stamp was stamped in Adirondack Aqua.
With the dull cloudy days and the added complication of having scaffolding round the house (We are having a new roof) there is so little light in the house, so taking photos is a bit tricky. The forecasters seem to think we will get some sun by the end of the week though so fingers crossed. Just before I go, does anyone know why my followers say I have 201, when the last page of my followers says I have 199 and there are only 199 avatars/ pictures? I am confused!!!
Well, I am off to look at some of my other purchases and admire some of the lovely samples by Brenda on Create and Craft's Stamp Addict's show. Thanks for looking!


Valerie said...

You are definitely the queen of scene, Sally! These are gorgeous, my sponging never looks this good:)
Val x

brenda said...

There you go again dragging me into bad habits Sal, because you know I'm going to 'need'those trees.

I absolutely love the reflection on the first one and that gorgeous colour palette, not that I don;t like the elegance of the second one as well, I just had to pick a favourite.

That's a new ink duster the technique, but I suppose as the inks are water-based it won't do any harm to them. I do hope Debby does this when she's on TV next, I'm always up for something new.

Enjoy your inky session, guess what I'm going to do now, could involve new trees?

BTW, had a 'productive' day.

B x

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi there Crafty Sal!! can see you are living up to your name.. am sleepless over here ( at 2.15am) side affects of drops only one more week to go, yeh!! :D who is counting??

I so recognised those colours when your post came up in may dashboard and HAD to come across and have look - thanks for linking :D

.. Oh and should mention they e were borrowed by me from Sandy Hulsart's video , her blog link is on my page too :D
And B. is so right about the reflections you have done a great job and great idea on dusters too.
I love to experiment myself and being usual doesn't enter my head sometimes :D

Wont admire the stamps too mcuh as have more coming from US which had to have (hang head in shame - grin!) but they are "delicious" indeed :D you can tell am tired would not rattle on like this normally,
love and thanks for great share, Shaz in oz.x

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Oh meant to say also not to worry they will all come back your precious followers, has happened to me and sorts out.
Last week i had lost all previous counts on blog views only that days were showing and when you went into history it had none but that day then afterwards it went back again...thanks Sally,
love Shaz.x

lisa said...

It looks like you have been having good crafty time with Lynne, Sally. I love what you've done with your new Inkylicious stamps. I didn't spot the trees, must have been blind!!!
I love the idea of wetting the dusters, must try that one and the reflection of the bullrushes is gorgeous. Deby had a sample like that on the stand at Harrogate and I loved it.
Can't help with your followers I'm afraid. I seem to have lost a few of mine, maybe Blogger is kidnapping them one by one-a scary thought!!!!
Hope your roof is going well, at least it's staying dry and calm for you.
Hugs Lisax

susiestacey said...

Gorgeous cards, love them both and l will have to go down to the shop and ask Deby to show me what she has done with the wet brushes when l get a chance - (only 10 mins away), the colour combination is just beautiful too x Susan x

pinky said...

Gorgeous amazing creations again, its always a delight to see this type of work Sally. Mainly cause I just can't do it lol. Blogger seems to give us extra numbers now and then but they always disappear again lol. Hope the weather stays nice for the new roof. The forecast for over here is cold with chance of snow by Wednesday!

Paula Whittaker said...

Super inky cards

Craftnut said...

Great Card Sally. Tracy xx

Paula (PEP) said...

The reflection & ripples on your second are quite something but it's the first one that really catches my attention with those beautiful colours. Interesting about the wet ink dusters. Hope the roof repair goes OK.
Paula (PEP)
PS - maybe some of your followers are doing so privately so that accounts for the discrepancy of 2 (I have that too). As to the avatars - haven't got a clue.

MagsB said...

Just beautiful scenes! The sky colours are so soft and romantic!

love Mags B x

Lisa Jane said...

ooh these are so pretty and peaceful.. love that new technique .. will have to watch out for that
Lisa x

MaggieC said...

That is a really beautiful tree, Sally. I think I shall "need" that one too. I have not looked at Inkylicious stamps before but they look great, and you have used them beautifully. xx Maggie

MaggieC said...

Just realised you mentioned Shaz in Oz. Have you ever looked at WOYWW, Julia's blog hop on a Wednesday? Shaz is on there and so am I. come and join us there too at http://stamping-ground.blogspot.co.uk/ . xx Maggie

MaggieC said...

That is even better, we like to see a desk with loads of stuff on. Gives us interesting things to study. xx Maggie

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work Sally! Love the colours on the first card and the scene is beautiful! Love how you've done the reflection - very clever. I really like the delicate colouring effect on the second card.

I'm off to the NEC in Birmingham, next month, for the first time. Can't wait to see some demos!

Sharon Whitley said...

Beautiful cards Sally both of them but particularly the top one, definitely my favourite sort of colours - all my walking fleeces and jackets are purpley pink colours! I bought some blank cards yesterday at Hobby Craft where you can slot in inserts so planning to do some mini watercolours and make individual cards from them - hope it works! Have a great weekend

Cath Wilson said...

More lovelies, Sally - so pretty. Maybe some of your followers aren't public? You have the choice when you sign up as a follower... x