Wednesday, 12 June 2013

A busy weekend

I've just made this card for my friend's daughter's birthday. I used Inkylicious daisy fields and  delicate vines stamps and my ink dusters. The inks were cherry pink and lemon yellow Impress inks, Slate Adirondack and on the base card Big and Juicy soothing sunset. I used a fine pen to put the dots round the ink dusted panel, and a few dots of glitter glue. I am entering this in the Allsorts challenge this week where the theme is 'In the Garden'.

I had a lovely trip to Doncaster with Lynne on Sunday where we did some shopping and I also did a bit of demoing on the Inkylicious stall (Thanks for letting me play Deby!) Thanks to all those people who popped by and for all your lovely comments. I really enjoyed it and it helped to curb my spending, lol! As a result I have put a new page on my blog with tips for Ink dusters on it. Currently there is just some info about inks, but I will add to it some more in the summer. 
Meg didn't come with us to Doncaster on Sunday as she was busy...
She graded to brown belt! I am aiming to do the same in September. There are three Sensei that have helped us on our journey, and two of them were there to see Meg grade. Sensei Alex is stood just behind Meg on the first photo and Sensei Xavier is in the second photo. The Giant in the third photo is our Area Sensei - Sensei Karl, who describes himself as a 6 foot 6, 18 stone skinhead -tongue in cheek but just a teeny bit scary! Meg reckons I should have my photo taken with him too, but as I am less than 5 foot tall, he may have to kneel, lol! Meg was highly praised by Sensei Karl, which is a real honour. I am so proud of her!
Well, I'd better go. Thanks for looking!


Fliss said...

An absolutely beautiful card Sally and many congratulations to Meg on her great achievement.
Hugs, Fliss xx

Lynne K said...

LOVE the card, Sally, especially the way the daisies extend beyond the background.

We had a great weekend, didn't we? Your demoing certainly went very well - I reckon you'll be on the telly before long!

MaryH said...

These cards you've been doing are wonderful. I love the softness, and I love the dusters. I seem to be able to control the ink application a bit better with the little 'shaving brush' ones that I have. Love the background you did, and with the flower scene...just stunning. In awe of your 'even' dots around the framing too. Thanks for sharing the pictures of your daughter. Congratulations. That must have taken a lot of hard work on her part. You are justly proud! TFS all & hugs(I'm off to browse your tips!)

brenda said...

Well done to Meg and well done to you Sal for dipping you two into demoing.

And a lovely card as well.

B x

Sue's Crafty Corner said...

A gorgeous card Sally, I love the background you've made on this one. Demoing to a large crowd of strangers is a bit different than showing a couple of friends what to do,congrats for being so brave. Also well done to your daughter on her award.

Sue x

Eret said...

Congratulations to Meg. You made rally gorgeous card, Sally. The little dots around inked square are so nice. I love shadow stamps and the way you use them.

Paula (PEP) said...

Congratulations to Meg - I know how you feel as I'm less than 5 ft too & my husband is 6ft 4.
The Ink Duster info is so useful - I'd not appreciated that you use Dye inks.
Paula (PEP)

Paula (PEP) said...

PS - love the soft gradations of colour with the boldness of the balck & the soft grey mistiness at the bottom.
Paula (PEP)

Unknown said...

A beautiful card Sally and I see we have another thing in common very talented Megs !

maria's knutselplezier said...

What a great card again dear Sally, and your daughter is doesnt have to be afraid to run all alone at the streets, she can defend herself!!


Tracy Harris said...

Beautiful card sally - great idea for tips page - i wish you didnt live so far away to join you for some classes - tell tour daughter congrats on the brown belt x take care x

MaryH said...

Sally, do you know of a source for these brushes in the USA? I googled, but all I found were UK sites. Postage is prohibitive and also the currency conversion doesn't help me much either!! Thanks if you can give some advice. We did get our Tstorm this evening. Just returned home after an afternoon of errands. A neighbor stopped us on the street by our house to chat, and the rain started before we could get into the garage! Nothing really terrible though. Hope your storm was much the same. Hugs

lisa said...

Sounds like a great day, Sally and wey to go doing some demoing too!!!
Congratulations to Meg on her brown belt, you won't have to worry about her when she's out and about now anyway!!
Hope you have a great weekend.
Hugs Lisax

Sue said...

It's a beautiful card Sally, and well done you for getting up and demoing. Congratulations to Meg, she will have worked hard for this xx