Tuesday, 18 February 2014

I'm back!

I can't believe it has been over a week since I posted! I have been a bit lacking in the mojo department, and that last week of the half term at school was really busy, including a twilight course, Staff meeting, valentine disco and Governors meeting, all after the school day finished. Needless to say I needed to switch off, and I spent most of Sunday reading (and finishing) a book that I had fallen asleep with several times during the week!
On Monday we were invited to the local Council Chambers where Meg was presented with a copy of the book in which her short story has been published (Proud Mum and Dad moment!).
 Today we decided to take a trip to Dearne Valley and RSPB reserve at Old Moor. We were lucky to have some sun and we saw plenty of birds. It was lovely to get some fresh air and exercise!
 As you can see the sun shone this morning and the blue sky was wonderful! It was a little less bright as the day went on, but we enjoyed watching the shovellers .
 This was a rare moment when their heads were above the water and we could see those magnificent beaks. Most of the time we had this view!
 There were still lots of berries in the hedgerows, but most were past their best now.
They still provided some lovely colour though.
Hope you enjoyed the photos. I will be back soon with some cards hopefully. I am still lacking in ideas, but hopefully a bit of pinterest surfing should sort me out!
Thanks for looking!


Princess Judy Palmer said...

Congrats to your daughter! and to the proud mum and dad as well.

I chuckled at the duck bum view you usually see. How nice to get to see them right side up as well. It looks like you had a lovely trip.

craftimamma said...

Congratulations to your lovely Megan! She's one very special young lady with so many talents. You have every right to be proud.

Crikey your last week sounds pretty horrendous. I bet you were glad that was over, lol! Hope your mojo returns before the end of your week off. Mine's not been around much recently either but I'm not even trying to coax it back before weekend when my visitors have gone home and I can catch my breath, lol!

In the meantime, your photos are a beautiful sight so thanks for sharing.

Lesley Xx

Debbie said...

Hi Sally...Congratulations to your daughter...and to the very proud parents of course. Looks like you had a busy week at work. Sounds a bit like mine!!! x

Paula (PEP) said...

Congratulations to Meg, I'm not surprised you're proud of her. I've never seen a Shoveller so thanks for the photos. Hope you have a good rest after your rather hectic end of half term.
Paula (PEP)

brenda said...

Well done Meg, and quite right it was a proud parent moment.

Lovely Nature photos, around here the birds and bulbs all seem to think it's Spring and so many already in flower, a total contrast to last year.

B x

Faith A said...

How wonderful for you both a ceremony for Meg, Congratulations Meg.

I always love your photos and you are so knowledgeable about the birds, we don't have the variety around here you have.