Monday, 28 March 2016

Spring in the garden

Spring appears to have arrived, and whilst there was a sunny spell on Saturday I took a few photos around the garden.
The snowbells came with the house. I had never seen any before that. They are like oversized snowdrops with missing petals, and I find them fascinating, lol!
The tête a tête Daffodils are very tasty to something in the garden, but I managed to get a photo of these before they were eaten!
I couldn't get a photo of the robin without the reflection in the glass today - not my best photo
I love unusual primulas - I bought some of these for my Dad's garden too

The colour of this Japonica is so cheerful - shades of abandoned coral
As well as colour we have some lovely scent from the Viburnum.
The Flowering currant is a great source of food for early bees
And this Narcissus had a perfect bloom!
Hope you enjoyed a little peak around my garden!
Thanks for looking!


  1. beautiful photos! you have some wonderful colours!

  2. Gorgeous photos! Not so much blooming up here, we're a bit behind you, but our daffodils should be out by the time you come up. x

  3. Thank you for sharing your lovely garden, those blue primulas are stunning :)

  4. It was lovely to share the flowers in your garden, and the robin of course

  5. Gorgeous photos Sally especially love the beautiful Robin. It's great to see signs of spring again.

    Sue xx

  6. Hello Sally, oh I did so enjoy a peek at what your garden is doing, gorgeous blooms, Spring flowers are jusy lovely and your photo of the little robin is fabulous. Thank you for share them, Kate x

  7. Oh! Sally beautiful photos, isn't a Spring garden a joy to walk around, I love to do what you have done here.

    We had daffodils appear in January and with the narcissus are still appearing and coming into bloom. We have lost our snowdrops though so I am jealous of yours.

  8. Gorgeous photos, and the robin photo is still great despite the reflections!


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