Sunday, 14 January 2018

Feathered Visitors

We have had rather a lot of different visitors to the bird feeders recently, and both Meg and I managed to get some photos, so I thought I would share them with you.
 first up is our male Blackbird, who is already staking his claim to his territory and chasing off the competition. The next photos aren't the best as they are taken through the slightly grubby window on full zoom to the bottom of the garden, but first we have a chaffinch
 and also goldfinches (top) and greenfinches (bottom). Just in case you were wondering, the glass lampshade prevents the squirrel from reaching the holes on the birdfeeder!
 Then the male Blackcap appeared and has been around for over a fortnight now

 Here is a better photo of the goldfinch.

 The great tit loves the berry flavoured fat candle from B&M!
 The starling is looking very smart at the moment too.
 Bobbin the Robin is always around the garden
 And finally, meet our resident goldcrest, Britain's smallest bird. Don't you just love his yellow mohican?
I am just hoping they all show up for the RSPB's big garden Birdwatch in a couple of weeks time. If you want to join in with the biggest citizen science project of the year, you can find out more here . All you do is commit to watching for an hour and then you can log your sightings online or by post.
Thanks for looking and for your lovely comments


Helen said...

what great photos! you are very lucky to see such a variety.

AlisonC said...

Fantastic photos. The goldcrest is very sweet, I don't think I've seen one of those. Our Robin has learnt to hang off the feeder so that is very clever. Does the lampshade work to keep the squirrels off? I think our local squirrels can reach by climbing from the ground.

Daffodil Cards said...

Wonderful photos, what a fabulous selection of birds you have. For some reason our birds have stopped visiting, so much so that the fat balls have been changed twice as they had gone mildew? I miss their chirpy visits. Now all we have are a couple of sparrows and our robin. Wish I knew why. UNLESS it's the visiting cat!

Sue's Crafty Corner said...

A beautiful collection of photos of these wonderful birds Sally, you are lucky to get such a wide selection of birds to your feeder.

Sue xx

cuilliesocks said...

Absolutely beautiful photos of your garden birds, a joy to see, thanks for sharing them, Kate x