Thursday, 28 June 2012

A bit of news!

I've been so busy at work this past couple of weeks, and I finally finished writing my classes reports this evening. There I was looking to have a good play with my craft stuff over the weekend. I should stop planning! The Rwandan head teacher whose school I am visiting in September (Yeah - very excited!) is going to be staying with me over the weekend. Not entirely sure what we are going to do for two days, but I think a trip into the countryside is in order, as he asked if we have elephants in our national parks today! He was totally blown away by a trip to Tesco too. I moan about the government here interfering in education, but their schools spoke and taught in French until 2008, and then were told it all had to be done in English! I think we may have to resort to some French over the weekend - thank goodness Meg is doing GCSE!
I will do my best to visit those of you who have left me lovely comments on Sunday afternoon after I have dropped him at the university from where he will head back to Rwanda. Hoping normal service will resume after that. In the meantime my craft space needs to become my dining table!


brenda said...

I'm definitely going to have to rethink those Country scenes of mine Sally.

Have a good weekend.

B x

Paula Whittaker said...

Sounds like youve got a great visit ahead of you in Sept. Hope you all have a great out for the elephants!

lisa said...

I'll look out for elephants at the weekend when we are walking in The Dales, Sally!!!!
Bet they don't get weather like ours in Rwanda!!
Your trip in September sounds very exciting.
Enjoy your weeekend.
Hugs Lisax

Vicky Hayes said...

This is such a busy time for you Sally but there is light at the end of the tunnel! This visit sounds fun - good luck with the French - and finding the dining room table LOL! Vicky x

Lynne K said...

Good luck for the weekend. I'm sure it will be fine! x

craftimamma said...

I bet you're going to have a really interesting weekend with a few giggles thrown in too. The thought of elephants in Clumber or Rufford made me giggle anyway!

September sounds exciting too. Lucky you.

Lesley Xx

Lisa Jane said...

oh i am sure you will have an interesting weekend ..
Have fun
Lisa x

Victoria said...

Sounds like it could be an entertaining weekend, elephants and all! Have fun!