Sunday, 3 June 2012

It's been a funny old day

As I sat at my computer this morning checking that Mr Blogger was behaving himself and my Stampalot post had gone live, I heard a noise. I presumed it was a bird landing on our bird feeder that is attached to the window by suction cups. A few minutes later I heard it again, and looked up only to find the bird feeder empty... I looked in the kitchen...nothing... nothing in the garage either...returned to the lounge and hear the scratching noises...from behind the gas fire! Some further listening confirmed it was a bird. Steve listened too and then rang the gas board, who couldn't come out till Thursday... SQUAWK! went the disgruntled bird. I knew then that it was a starling. He shouted again for help, but the woman on the end of the phone obviously didn't speak starlingese. I sat there thinking about the poor creature and decided he wasn't going to die if I could help it.
 A phone call later and a good friend (Corgi registered, mind you) said  he would come over. He couldn't get out in the garden because of the rain, and jumped at the chance to rescue our uninvited lodger. Half an hour after he got to our house it was all over. I got the young starling under a towel and removed him from the fire place. Our friend took him from the towel, checked he was alright and then released him from the patio door, before he deafened us. Considering he had been there for at least four hours he had a good pair of lungs on him, and was able to fly off in the direction of the local park. We watched him disappear into the distance. Let's hope he has learned from his experience and avoids chimneys in the future! This isn't the fellow in question, but he did seem to have a similar expression!
Needless to say I didn't do half of what I'd planned today! I have a couple of cards that I will photograph and post tomorrow, though.
Just to let you know if you are interested, Meg has started a new blog. She intends to post her drawings, her  photos and food. You can find it here
Thanks for listening to my rambling. I hope you had a lovely day despite the rain.


Di said...

Oh Sally, you did just what I would have. Lucky little bird to have landed on your house - despite the following adventure!

Di xx

Tracy said...

So glad you rescued the bird. I've been over to Meg's lovely blog and followed her. I'm looking forward to her postings, if she's anything like her lovely Mum, they'll be plenty of recipes and ideas for me to try.
Happy crafting
Tracy x

Paula (PEP) said...

Well done with the Starling. My husband's room has inquisitive birds investigating his windowcill quite frequently - at 5am it can be a tad interesting.
Paula (PEP)

Anonymous said...

Poor bird! Well done on getting it out. This happened to us many years ago, and when the fire was removed the bird flew out at top speed and smashed straight into the bay window! Luckily it was only dazed!

Vicky Hayes said...

I'm so glad you were able to rescue your bird Sally. I was in the bath the other day when a small spider crept out of the overflow and found himself trapped! I couldn't get washed without washing him away and I didn't want to empty the bath, but I didn't want the spider to drown either so I had to mount an elaborate rescue operation involving a shampoo box... Vicky x

Faith A said...

Poor bird, no wonder you went to find someone else who could help, great photo too, glad he got away at last and sounding "grateful"