Monday, 2 July 2012

A lovely weekend

Well, my lovely guest left England and is flying back to Rwanda as this is posted. We had a great weekend and I think he enjoyed himself. I took him to my Dad's church where there was a flower festival followed by cream tea and brass band on the vicarage lawn. I don't think we could've shown him anything more British. We dodged the showers and he loved the scones, jam, strawberries and cream!
We drove through Sherwood forest and talked about the differences in the landscape. He says we have lots and lots of trees in England.
On Sunday we talked about Rwanda and plans for when we go over there. He tells me we will either go to the National park to see Zebra, Elephants, Giraffes, Lions and Hippos or we will visit the Mountain gorillas! How exciting is that! Meg also tried teaching Andre a few chords on the guitar.As well as helping to entertain our guest, Meg has had a weekend free of homework (she is on work experience next week) and has been sketching like mad. You can see her latest portraits here .


Ruth said...

Sounds like a great weekend!

Lisa Jane said...

Sounds like you gace your guest a fabulous weekend.
LOve the flower festival pics.. i used to flower arrange and take part in the Churches festival..
Lisa x

Victoria said...

Meg's a talented one, she must take after her mum! The flower festival looks fantastic, and yes, sounds like you had a very British weekend!

Clare *Littlebear* said...

What a great weekend! Please can I come with you when you visit Rwanda?

Hugs, Clare x

Paula (PEP) said...

How delightful to be able to do that especially whilst the Jubilee celebrations are in swing. I have a friend whose son works with relief agencies for many countries & caught a glimpse of the cultural differences involved. Meg really has a talent which is delightful to see. Thanks for this post.
Paula (PEP)

brenda said...

That sounds like a perfect Sunday to give your guest a true feel of traditional UK.

B x

Tracy said...

Oh Sally sounds like everything went great. You just gotta do the Gorilla's when you go. how amazing would that be.
So glad it all went well.Happy crafting
Tracy x

Lynne K said...

Lovely pictures. Glad you had a good weekend. x

Debbie said...

Sounds so lovely. Love the photo of the inside of the church, wish I could just sit on one of the pews in that lovely church.