Sunday, 24 November 2013

Autumn in the garden and a walk

Our beech hedge in the garden was at it's best last weekend, and on Sunday I was tempted out with my camera to try and capture the colours, even though it was a dull day. It is also at this time of year that the Castor oil plant flowers with these beautiful cream lacy pompoms.
I spent a while trying to capture the flowers (in focus) with the colour of the beech hedge behind it.
My Sally Holmes rose has a last bloom too. It always amazes me that it can flower for so long (5-6 months).
As the weather stayed fine we decided to take a stroll in Thieves Wood, near Mansfield in the afternoon. Put on a scarf and come with us.

It was great to get some fresh air and enjoy the colours of the leaves, but there weren't many fungi this time.

Hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for looking!


Viera Obcovičová said...


Dora said...

fantastic pictures, beautiful nature.

Paula (PEP) said...

I did enjoy those & can imagine the thrill of getting the pompoms into focus with the macro……… it takes me several tries.
The colours are spectacular - that penultimate photo is just striking, my favourite of these.
Paula (PEP)

Sue's Crafty Corner said...

Wonderful photos Sally, gorgeous colours. All too soon those tree's will be bare, at least it's only for a couple of months.

Sue x

Faith A said...

GORGEOUS photos Sally, we have a castor oil shrub too and I was taking photos of it with my Acer, love the combination of the orange and the creamy white too

Tracy Harris said...

Beautiful pictures x

maria's knutselplezier said...

Automn is the most beautiful time of the year, and that you are showing us here dear Sally, it was probably a very exiting walk, to see all those beautiful colours and plants!!!And your gardon, looks fantastic!!

I really injoy your photo's!!