Saturday, 2 May 2015

Snap Happy!

With the good weather last week I spent half an hour after getting home in the garden several days. I have had a new camera (Sony cybershot HX300), so where better to put it through it's paces than in my own back yard!

I exercised the macro first, and that seems pretty impressive, focussing less than half an inch away! Then I tried the zoom...

I might need to get my tripod out for full zoom to get a clearer picture, but considering these last four are all through not so clean double glazing without a tripod I am pretty happy!
I will be back tomorrow with my Stamping Sensations challenge post.
TTFN and thanks for looking!


  1. WOW - great shots from your new camera Sally. Thanks for sharing. xxx

  2. I came to say hi after you commented on my photos... yours are just brilliant, I loved them! thanks for the info.

  3. Gorgeous photos Sally, the flowers are beautiful and the birds. Even your mouse looks cute. Unfortunatly I had a rat that kept visiting my bird table so I've stopped for the time being.

    Sue xx

  4. Great Nature photos Sal, I took a few the other day as we seem to have such an abundance of birds, but yet to upload to share.

    B x

  5. fantastic photos! TFS xxx

  6. Fabulous photos Sally, I love the blue flower ,such a beautiful colour, what plant is that? .,I have a live mouse in my craft room right now ,brought in by one of my cats, would you like to take a shot at it LOL


  7. Fabulous photos Sally. The little mouse looks so cute. It's lovely to be able to take nice photos of the garden birds. The zoom on my camera is just not strong enough, but on macro I can get quite good close ups of flowers.
    Thanks for sharing these beauties.
    Jean x

  8. What beautiful pictures, Sally! So clear and vivid! And you have some of my all-time-favourite bird, the gorgeous goldfinch!

    Have a lovely weekend!

    love Mags b x

  9. Great pictures. Hugs Mrs A.

  10. Superb photographs Sally. I can't choose a favourite because they are all stunning, but the blue flower would come very close. Your macro shots are perfect :o)
    Jackie xx

  11. Fantastic photos! Love the cute mouse.

  12. OH! my goodness, these are the most fabulous photos, aren't you going to have fun with this?
    Although I paid a lot for my Canon I am a disappointed in the photo quality, so may have a looky at this.

  13. Beautiful pics. What is that bird? not the pigeon!
    Lynn x

  14. Beautiful photos! I think your windows must be pretty clean! The camera picks up everything! Love that amazing bird!


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