Saturday, 30 May 2015

Where has the week gone?

I have had a week off work and it has flown by! I have been busy making but unfortunately I can't show you most of them until August! What I can show you is a cake and a card I made for my lovely God-Daughter who was 24 this week.
The cake was a Carrot cake...
 I adapted the recipe and left out the nuts, decorating the top with some golden sugar sprinkles on the cream cheese frosting.
Here is the card...
Most of the stamps on this scene are from Lavinia Stamps. The cat is so much like one of my god daughter's cats! I created the background with my ink dusters and Distress inks in squeezed lemonade, Dried marigold and Shabby Shutters. I also used memento inks in rose bud, olive grove and tuxedo black.
We have a very beautiful kitten who has begun visiting our garden. It has no collar, so no bell, and is stalking the birds. I will have to resort to the squeezy bottle of water soon as I do not feed my birds so they can end up in a cat's stomach, however pretty he is! If you own a cat, please make sure there is a bell on their collar to at least give the birds a fighting chance, especially at this time of year with so many fledglings around. Please excuse me mentioning this, but I put the same effort into looking after my garden birds as many people do into looking after their pets, and I have seen quite a few casualties recently.
I will leave you with a photo of one of the Dunnocks that lives in our garden and has been very busy this week, flying backwards and forwards taking food to the nest.
 Thanks for looking!



Fabulous card design Sally - superb colouring, as always.
The cake is awesome - I LOVE Carrot cake - yummy!
I love birds too -we get lots of them in our garden and feed them regularly - the Cat bell is a great idea!
Hope you enjoyed your week off work - Sylvia xx

Helen J said...

Sally, the cake looks delicious & the card is gorgeous. Totally agree over the cat bell!

brenda said...

Great card, bird and cake Sal - make the same yesterday for Alex's birthday today, it's his fav.

We have never seen Dunnocks in our parts so am guessing our habitat does not suite them.

B x

Helen said...

The cake looks amazing, and the Dunnock is so pretty, I've never seen one before.

Sue's Crafty Corner said...

Fantastic card Sally, I love the way the cat is looking at the birds on the wire. It also fits well with the ending of your post re cats without bells. I quite understand your feelings on the subject. That cake looks so yummy.

Sue xx

SARN said...

Here here for cat bells! I love my garden birds too and feed them each day . . . they are costing me a small fortune in seed, sultanas and suet cakes at the moment but I so enjoy watching them that it's worth it.

Beautiful card and I just want to dive into that luscious looking cake!

Hugs, Sarn xxx

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Totally with you on cat bells there, Sal, complained to my neighbour re same. matter when found clusters of small feathers in my yard and she was a bad bird stalker.

They did put it on, but thankfully they've moved but other cats minus bells seem saround notice I don't get any birds as used to do. :(

Love your card..and the cake and the dunnock, how pretty. Shaz in oz.x

Joan said...

Oh yum! Save me a slice please. Love your card. We have two cats and also feed the birds! We try and keep the cats in overnight and don't let them out until we get up, we found early ( like dawn) was the worst time for them getting birds as the birds are up so early this time of year and are busy feeding first thing. Back to you card, love the background and the birds on the wire too


Elaine said...

That cake looks smashing Sally. I love your card, beautiful inking of your landscape as always. We are having an increasing problem with a cats in our wildlife garden. A new young tabby is proving to be a prolific hunter and we found a dead red squirrel in our garden the other day - absolutely heart breaking. I am afraid a large and powerful water pistol is now situated near our front door! I am glad the birds on the wire on your card are well out of reach! Looking forward to seeing your secret squirrel projects! Elaine x

Craftnut said...

I am trying to get more birds into my garden, hopefully will get more now the plants are getting more established, I am not a cat fan. Lovely cake and card! X

Valerie Nolan said...

Hope you feel rested after your week off Sally. Love the cake and your birdies and fabulous card as well!
Val x

Jean said...

I love the scene you created on your card Sally, and the colours are lovely too. Your cake looks really yummy as well.
Jean x

Faith A said...

Firstly, the cake! oh! this is one of my favourite cakes, when we are in a cafe it's my first choice and yours looks yummy.

Your card is Superb and yes we have cats here who relish the lovely birds we have in the garden, we have even seen next doors cat, up high in the branches of a hawthorn tree we have in the land behind our garden, I usually make a whoosh sound and the cats leave, a water bottle sounds a great idea.

So that is a Dunnock, what a beautiful little bird, must look out and see if we have some around here.

maria's knutselplezier said...

Great card88 I really love the image!! Beautiful colours too!!


Princess Judy Palmer said...

That cake! I wanted to lick the computer screen! That card is wonderful. I just love it, maybe even more than the cake. Love the bird photo. My birdfeeder gets stalked by a desert packrat who wants the seeds and is willing to tell the birds off for them. He's a cutie. We also have a hawk who hunts the area from time to time... and yes, one of the neighbor's cats. He is kind of a clutz so he never catches anything but he sure does try. My Cindy growls at him when she sees him in the yard. She doesn't want him eating "her" birds.