Saturday, 18 July 2015

A quick card and some more garden photos

Hi there! We still have another week at school, and I am so tired, I may have to sleep for a week once we finish! I needed to make a birthday card for a lovely friend, so decided I should ink up the gorgeous Card-io stamps I bought at Doncaster at the beginning of June. I made the background with ink dusters and memento inks in dandelion and rosebud.
We had another baby bird at the feeders this week - a baby longtailed tit! They are so cute - just like a fluffy ball on a stick!
Next up are a couple of photos of a plant I bought on a whim last year, and it has continued to flower this year. Not at all sure what it is, but the geometric nature of the petals really attracted me to it.
It really is sunshine in a pot!
I have a couple of planters that I have bedding plants in...

but many of my plants are grown for wildlife, either for berries....
or for bees
Thanks for looking!
Edit: Thank you blogging Friends - it is indeed a Gazania Daybreak Red Stripe, so definitely sunshine in a pot!


  1. A gorgeous card Sally with a beautiful sentiment, I'm sure that your friend will love it. Summer terms are exhausting so you will have earned your rest by the end of next week!

  2. A lovely card Sally and your photos are beautiful. Love the little long tailed Tit, so sweet.

    Joan x

  3. Beautiful card. I keep promising myself some cardio stamps to play with. Lovely photos of your plants. My garden is given over to the birds, bees, butterflies and dragonflies. Hugs Mrs A.

  4. Lovely card, Sal, great inky background for some new Stamos, thanks for inspiration.. Have some little like that sitting on my desk.. Soon to sue, I hope.
    ... And sweet flowers too... Let along the baby tit, as you say fluff ball on stick... Thanks for popping over,
    Shaz in Oz.x

  5. We still have a few days of school left too- SO tired!! I make just do the same and sleep for a week. Lob=ve your card and sentiment - so pretty.
    Your plants look gorgeous - do you know what the white one is ? It looks lovely :)

  6. A beautiful card Sally and a lovely sentiment.
    Hope you get to have a good rest during the break from school.
    Jean x

  7. Love this, you have inspired me to have a play later. Is the mystery plant a gazinia? Tracy x

  8. Love the card, but your photos are beautiful, what a lovely garden you have. I think it's a gazania too.

  9. Another vote for a gazania here! The baby bird is incredibly cute - oh, and the card's nice too!:-)

  10. Beautiful card and wonderful photographs, but it's the baby longtailed tit that does it for me :o)
    Jackie xx

  11. Hi Sally - a beautiful card with a wonderful sentiment. Thank you for sharing your photos - they are absolutely stunning. Hope you have lots of time for chilling out during the school break (not long to wait now)!
    Sylvia xx


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