Friday, 24 July 2015

More photos from the garden

 Hello! Well, we have finally finished the term today, and I would do a little happy dance if I had the energy! Instead I am sharing with you some photos from my garden over the last week. First up we have a baby blue tit...
 followed by some wild strawberries...
 and a bit of x rated hoverfly mating!
 Here is some soothing lavender...
 and a baby goldfinch.
 Next is a rather lovely self set poppy that I have no idea where it came from...
 and look at the tongue on that bumblebee! Quite proud of this one!
 Here is a shasta daisy
 and a tiny snail...
 Another hoverfly....
 a baby robin...
and my little wood mouse friend, who really likes those pink fat pellets we buy for the birds!
Hope you enjoyed a few minutes in the garden with me. Thanks for looking!


  1. Fantastic photos Sally, love all of your garden visitors and the flowers.

    Sue xx

  2. What stunning photos Sally and I feel as if I've visited your beautiful garden now. I just love the baby robin - soooo cute!
    Hope you can have a bit of a rest now!
    Fliss xx

  3. Beautiful photos your garden Sally. The self seeded poppy is lovely, what a lot of petals. I love the little baby birds as well.
    I hope you find time to relax now and that we get some decent weather for you to enjoy. It has rained almost nonstop here all day today and it's decidedly chilly too.
    Jean x

  4. wow, what fabulous photos Sally, love your baby birds

  5. Wonderful photographs, especially the wildlife ones :o)
    Jackie xx

  6. Beautiful photographs, you must have been very patient to get some of those of the bees and baby birds! Enjoy the break from school!

  7. Fab photos Sal and I am sure you can guess which is my favourite. Lot's of self sets in our garden as well, amazing how they pop up without any nurturing.

    B x

  8. Fabulous - nature at it's best with photos to match.

  9. Simply stunning! I do love the flowers, but I particularly love the baby birds & the mouse - so cute:-)
    Enjoy your well-deserved break from school!

  10. They kept you to the bitter end didn't they, Sally. We finished on Tuesday and DD finished last Friday. It's lovely to have lots of weeks off isn't it. I hope you enjoy them. Love all your photos, that really is a brilliant camera. The mouse is stunning.
    Hugs Lisax

  11. Oh, I picked a good day to come for a visit, Sally! Your photos are really magnificent and made me smile! You MUST go off to Google and find yourself a photo contest to enter that bee in! That is incredible!! Enjoy the weekend!! Hugs, Darnell

  12. Ahhhh Sal, wonderful mages, you haven't dropped your good camera that's for sure I did :(
    I love the bee tongue that's truly awesome, should enter it in comp..
    Hugs, Shaz in Oz.x
    {Shaz in Oz – Calligraphy Cards}

  13. Sally your photos are amazing! Hope you are relaxing and enjoying the start of your holidays.
    Val x

  14. Wonderful photos from your garden, Sally.



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