Sunday, 25 January 2009

For Julie

Do you remember that Angel, Julie who cooked my Christmas turkey for me when the oven broke? Well, today she has gone into the Christie hospital in Manchester for MAJOR surgery. She first became ill a year ago and was told she had ovarian cancer. She went through chemotherapy only to be told that she had pseudomyxoma peritonei. You can find out more about it here. Tomorrow she will have a 12-14 hour operation. They will be removing everything she can live without and filling her abdomen with warm Chemotherapy in the hope of finishing off this awful cancer. We met at antenatal classes, and have been close friends ever since. We have watched our daughters grow up together as close friends too. So, whatever you are doing tomorrow, spare a thought or say a prayer for this incredible, kind, generous, brave, amazing, courageous woman, in the hope that she will make a full recovery.


D.K.Fisher said...

Sally...I am sorry to hear about your friend Julie and will definately have her in my prayers.

Lynne K said...

Me too. xx