Saturday, 31 January 2009

Friends and Family

Here is a quick card I put together for a friend. The text stamp is from Crafty Individuals and the seed heads are a cuttlebug embossing folder.
I've been working on my Dad's 80th birthday card, and I've completed two square panels. I've started a third, but it is still a work in progress. Dad spends many an hour walking out in the countryside around his home. I wanted his card to reflect many of the things he would see on his walks, so started off with birds and grasses (inspired by Deby at Just Add Love)
This had a Spring/ early summer feel about it, so I decided to give the next panel an autumnal feel. With yellows and browns, mushrooms and trees losing their leaves. All of the stamps on these panels are from Graphicus.
So, my quandary is this. What do I do with them now? Whatever I do I need to be able to post it, so it needs to be flat. Do I do 4 panels, one for each season? Do I make it into a book or a concertina card or something else? Any suggestions welcome! Notice I didn't do a big 80 for him? I think he would disown me if I did, lol!


Lynne K said...

These are lovely, Sally. So far you've got animal & vegetable - have you got something to complete the trilogy with mineral? Otherwise, I'd suggest an accordian card with another two panels to make up the four seasons.

Sally Holmes said...

Thanks Lynne! Mmmm... that is certainly food for thought. I think it will end up being the four Seasons, although I suppose for mineral I could stamp is a fossil, but I'm not sure that ties in with the walking!