Monday, 20 July 2009

Getting Inky!

I'm definitely feeling much better! My cold has almost gone and I'm able to think out of the cute box! Here is my first play with the Graphicus Tall Trees stamps.My fingers are so green! I popped to get some glue from Honeypot Crafts today, and spotted a card that Phill had made that was simply gorgeous. I asked what he had used and he told me Distress Inks in mustard seed and broken china with a bit of black round the edges. I was inspired! Thanks, Phill! Here is my take on those colours. The base card was sponged over with water too, which muted the colours a bit. I wan't sure if it needed anything else. What do you think?


  1. I love this card! Never used Distress ink yet. Must have a go! It just looks so 'real' if you get me...something you'd buy.
    Thanks for popping over, about Internet V Firefox...I had Chrome for a while, but took it off as some forums pages were half hidden. That's been ok since I took it off, another thing while I had it I couldn't move things when customising my blog. But that just may have been Internet Explorer as I have both

  2. Gorgeous card. Love the background, and the colours. Doesn't need anything else adding to it. Must get that tree set...

  3. You have made a beautiful job of this card. the distress inks look fab and I love the stamp

  4. This is gorgeous Sally, love that stamp and the great colour scheme you've chosen.

  5. Hi Sally, glad the cold's gone and you're back on form. This card is beautiful. I love the greens. Must get some more distress inks, I've really started to love them and you've inspired me even more.
    That tree set is great, your card is perfect just as it is.



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