Sunday, 26 July 2009

Ink, water and a brush

I've been having a play with adirondack inks and a water brush. I used the Cabin Fever and woodland rainbow pads for the first. I have had this stamp for years. It is by Chapel Road, I think.
This second card uses the woodland rainbow pad and a stampin' up stamp - one of my favourites. By this stage I had decided that the water brush was too wet and I reverted to a very fine paint brush and a pot of water. If you just stamp using these pads you don't see the full range of colours, but add a tiny bit of water and they seem to come to life. These both look a bit autumnal - must find something summery!


brenda said...

These are great Sally, especially like the leaves.

I might be a bit thick here, but do I gather you painted the inks onto the stamp before stamping out ?

B x

lottie said...

These are totally beautiful - like watercolours.

Lynne K said...

Gorgeous, love them both. One of my favourite techniques too.

lisa said...

These are gorgeous Sally. I don't know which I like best. The leaves are lovely but that tree looks just like you've painted it. Beautiful.


craftimamma said...

These are wonderful Sally. I love those rainbow inkpads and don't use mine enough.

That tree is really something special and as Lisa says it looks as though you painted it from scratch.

Lesley Xx

Papoosue said...

These are lovely Sally, I do love the colours on the leaves and the tree stamp has a lovely fragile feel about it - gorgeous. x

Sally H said...

Thanks, everyone. Brenda, I stamped using the adirondak ink pad as normal. Then I used a damp brush (water on it) to pick up a bit of the colour and spread it about a bit! Hope that makes sense!