Saturday, 29 August 2009

Do you remember Ivor the Engine?

Isn't it funny how accents trigger things in our memories. I had no idea that Dick Van Dyke's cockney accent was so bad as a child, but I could recognise a welsh accent (not sure if they were bad too!), thanks to Ivor the Engine! There was Jones the Steam, Owen the Signal, Dai Station and Evans the Song (choir master). I couldn't remember the name of the Dragon, but managed to find out on one of our train journeys. It was Idris, and from what I can remember I think he looked a bit like this!
The photo at the top is of course the Snowdon Railway. We weren't lucky enough to get a ride on it that day. We arrived before ten to find the first available ticket was for ten past five in the afternoon. I guess we should have booked!


craftimamma said...

Unfortunately I'm a bit too old to have been a fan of Ivor. I do remember it being popular but not the details. I love the little dragon on your card though. It's really cute!

The scenery in the photo is stunning. Shame you didn't get to ride the train!

Lesley Xx

lisa said...

Gosh, Ivor the engine, now there's a blast from the past. I'd forgotten all about that.
It was a shame about your train ride, still you'll have to do it next time.


brenda said...

Oh goodness Sally, yes I do remember all those characters. Wondeful clarity to your picture, wish I could get like them like that when I'm trying to do my cards.

Love your dragon as well.

B x

Spyder said...

We never managed to get the train either and walked up and down both times (the first time when I was 'just' pregnant and the second time when both my girls were old enough to walk up my themselves! Lovely Countryside only there wasn't too much to see on top of the mountain because of the clouds!

ps. I thought I was a follower..I think my picture must sometimes go off for a walk somewhere!