Saturday, 15 August 2009

A little bit of our holiday

Wales in sunshine, just in case you didn't believe me! We spent a day at and around Caernarfon, including the castle and a boat trip along the Menai Strait.
For someone who isn't keen on heights I did pretty well that day! The views were spectacular from the tops of those towers.
Caernarfon Castle is one where you can lose people. There are 3 different levels and loads of spiral staircases up and down. If you were to split up you might not find each other again for days!
We finished the afternoon with an ice cream sitting by the river... bliss!

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brenda said...

Morning Sally

Fisrtly, thanks for your visits whilst I've been on my hols. Some brilliant clear pictures of your's and sunshine as well, do hope you had a good time.

Love that MME stamp you have in the earlier post, this looks like a definate 'need'.

B x