Sunday, 3 January 2010

New Year's Resolutions

I didn't do very well with my new year's resolutions last year. I wanted to buy less and use more lasted till February! Since then I have spent quite a bit, but I have managed to use some of the things I hadn't used in quite a while. The candles on this card are Non Sequitur stamps I hadn't used in about two years. My aim this year is to use more of what I've got. I will still spend, but I aim to go through my stamps and stash. If I can't bring myself to use it (like some of the papers I have) then I'm going to get rid of it. I will be trying to keep my stash to the space it occupies now. I will do my best to keep my craft space a bit neater so I don't lose things so often! I'm also going to make an effort to branch out from cards a bit more often. Tags, ATCs and Fat pages maybe. Finally, I'd like to meet up with a few more of the lovely people I've met in Blogland, and see the ones I've met again! Hope you all had a fabulous New Year!


Rose Petal said...

How beautiful Sally. I love how you have done the border and the image is just so nice, I havnt seen one like that before.
Happy Crafting.
Love Sandra xx

Lynne K said...

Well, Sally, your resolutions should be mine too! I really am going to make more effort to use up old stash. Not to mention have a clear out to make more space for the new stuff I will inevitably buy! If we can contain everything in the same space as last year, I think we'll be doing ok!

Great card too. x

lisa said...

Your resolutions this year where almost mine last year. I tried not to buy new stash unless it was stuff like glue, which you can't do without and I was quite good and managed until Harrogate in Septemeber. I've been terrible ever since!!! I've got a few things on my wish list now but after January I shall try to be good again!!
I think my Resolutions this year are to be more organised and not leave everything until the last minute. We'll see how long it lasts!!!
Looking forward to seeing you again this year if we can manage it, after all, you're not a million miles away!