Sunday, 31 January 2010

Suggestions please!

It's been a busy weekend. Yesterday I spent the morning turning up trousers for my Dad. After lunch we went to see him and took his Birthday things. He loved the card, and we went for a lovely walk in the sunshine. When Steve came home from work we went out for a Chinese meal to Cheung's, where the food is wonderful and the spare ribs are to die for! His Sister had bought him a cake with the word Fifty in candles on the top, so we finished off with a slice of that some hours later!!!
Today I've made a couple of cards this morning and been out to look at cars this afternoon. We put a deposit on one and I will pick it up a week tomorrow! I'm so excited! This is the first time I've changed my car because I want to, not out of necessity. The previous one was barely more than scrap and the one before that I'd had to change as the baby seat wouldn't fit into the back being a 2-door!
Anyway, onto the cards. The first is a first attempt at a wedding card for my nephew, and I'm rejecting it as it didn't work. More roses will start to look like a funeral wreath, and less leaves didn't look right either. Any suggestions?
My second card is a cute one. The mouse is from Whiff of Joy and the papers are digi downloads. The swirly one was from Funky Fairies, sadly no longer available, and I'm not sure about the other. The sentiment is from Aspects of Design funky frames.
Don't forget to pop back tomorrow to see something I've been working on for a few days that I'm rather pleased with, nudge, nudge wink, wink!
I'm off to rethink the wedding card now, whilst cooking tea.


Teri said...

Hiya hun. I'm in the middle of a set of wedding things too. I get to work with a black and white theme, so I kept it very simple. Just a black swirly thing to the right, some black ribbon, and a white satin bow with flower in the middle. You'll see what I mean when I post it, probably tomorrow.
Good luck with yours!
Teri x

lisa said...

I was just admiring your rose card, Sally, and thinking how lovely it was and whether I should try something like that for Valentine's Day and then I read you're not happy with it!!!! Well I love it as it is, aren't we so self critical!!!!
Your mouse card is lovely too.
I'm so glad your Dad had a lovely birthday, Chinese sounds delicious!
And a new car, Wow, that's something to look forward too,lets hope we don't have any more snow and ice so that you can enjoy it.
Have a good week.

Love Lisax


HI Sally
Love your cards - the mouse one is so cute! Your Roses are so beautiful - how about bunching 3 together in opposite corners, with a few leaves. Just add a sentiment in the centre of the card, maybe on a Nestie label, or a punched circle etc. and you don't really need anything else.
Love, Sylvia xxxx

Sally H said...

Thanks Sylvia! I think I'll try that!

Lynne K said...

Wel, I'll go along with Lisa in that your wedding card would be fine as it is, but if you're not happy with it yourself, you won't believe us! You could perhaps just try spacing the roses more irregularly, with maybe a few small stamped flowers to fill the spaces. Then all it would need would be a suitable greeting.

craftimamma said...

Hi Sally, I think I didn't wait long enough for my previous comment to go through so I'm sending it again just in case.

Before I read the other comments I had in mind a suggestion similar to Sylvia's. I was going to say why not make a little spray arrangement using 3 roses and some of the punched leaves on the top left of the heart and then balance it with a small sentiment on the outside (but just overlapping the edge slightly) of the heart bottom right.

Enjoy the new car next week. I thought at age 60 I was done with fitting my car round the family needs but oh no! I had to change my beloved Ford Ka to a 4 door Fiesta when my little granddaughters came along 2 years ago.

Love the cute little mouse card BTW.

Lesley Xx

Michelle said...

Wow a new car! What a treat. I love your heart card but if your not happy with it try just one bunch of three roses in different places on the card and see how you feel about it. It is so beautiful so dont give up on it. Will be back to join in the hop
x Michelle

Lottie said...

I love the roses on the card - I so want to have a go at those