Monday, 22 February 2010

A Wonderful Wedding

As I mentioned briefly on Saturday night, my nephew's wedding was wonderful! There seemed to be a bit of a theme with embarrassing photos! As the register was signed there was a wonderful slide show of pictures of them both from being babies right through to adulthood. I think the one that raised the biggest laugh was my nephew proudly standing to attention in his Thunderbirds outfit! The best men (he had two) did a great job with photos too, distributing them round the tables as 'evidence' ! It was a wonderful occasion. My niece had returned home from New Zealand early last week in time for her brothers wedding too, so we enjoyed it all the more seeing her again after an absence of 4 years whilst she was completing her PhD. After the wedding I drove home to Nottingham, but my SIL, BIL and niece stayed over.
Unfortunately, whilst they were there some complete *******s broke into my SIL house and stole (amongst other things) my niece's laptop, hard drive and memory sticks that had all her PhD thesis, research, every photo she has taken in NZ, Costa Rica, Panama, Antarctica. Four years work gone. She was awarded her PhD with the proviso she made some alterations to her Thesis. We are just praying she can get the one back she submitted and make the requested alterations without the research evidence she would have had with her laptop. So some brainless idiot is going to get at most £50 in a pub somewhere for a battered laptop that contained four years of my niece's life. It is sickening. I'm sorry to use my blog as a place to have a rant, but I'm feeling so angry, and I can't think of anything I can do to make it better. I don't think it has sunk in yet for my niece. So please if you can spare the time say a little prayer for her and lets hope the police can catch the *******s.


June said...

Ohhhhh sally the wedding sounded lovely a truly great family occasion. How awful about the laptop and all your nieces work and photo's i hope they do catch them but most of all i hope she gets it back so she can retrieve everything
sending hugs your way
june xxxxxx

Lynne K said...

What a horrible thing to happen after such a lovely occasion. Fingers crossed your niece gets her work back.x

Jules said...

Oh Sally - what a horrible end to a beautiful day!!

I am so sorry.

I hope that everything works out for your neice - if only they knew what damage they were causing - just to get, as you say, probably £50 down the pub.

My friend is away at the moment and will be coming back next week to a home that has apparently been stripped of "anything of any value"!!!

Thankfully her family have been able to tidy things up etc for her return - but it is just such a nasty world sometimes and I feel so sorry for her!!

Take care Sally

Love Jules xx

lisa said...

Hi Sally

I'm so glad you had a lovely day but what a rotten end for your Neice.
I hate hearing of these things, it makes me sick. It happened to us a month after we got married and it really is the worst feeling in the world.
All that work lost, I shall keep everything crossed that she can alter the thesis she has already submitted.
Keep your chin up.


craftimamma said...

Oh Sally, your poor niece. All that work and effort, my heart really goes out to her. I do hope she can sort out the previous submission. And don't worry about the rant 'cos we'd all feel the same.

Glad the wedding was lovely for everyone.

Lesley Xx