Friday, 28 August 2015

A few more photos from Scotland

 I can't believe that this is my 900th post! I am planning blog candy fairly soon as it is my 7th bloggerversary, and I really appreciate the support I have had from my lovely followers. I will let you know more when I have got it organised!
I know I have already shown you lots of bird pictures, sky pictures and my '3 reds' day, but I have a few more photos to show you, I hope you don't mind! Today is the turn of the mammals and garden flowers! First of all I have some more red squirrels, this time at Threave gardens. We sat in the woodland hide, and first to arrive at the bird feeders was this beautiful creature...
 He was then joined by another squirrel with a very blonde tail, who found it quite hard to get at the peanuts...
 Our first friend had a totally different technique!!!!
You've got to congratulate him on his enthusiasm, lol!
Next up is a Bank Vole (I think) who also liked peanut bird feeders...
That little face is just so cute!
Now onto some flowers (and insects) at Threave.
 Butterflies and bees loved the pot Marjoram
 and the Scabious was very popular with the bees too.
 One side of the walled garden was planted as a wild flower meadow, although one or two Californian poppies had found their way into the party!
 When it rained we sought shelter in the greenhouses, where this magnificent Lily greeted us...

 Back outside the rain stopped and the bees continued their busyness.
 This last one was a type of primula, which came in the most beautiful sunset colours!
Hope you enjoyed the photos and thanks for looking!


  1. Gorgeous, as ever, Sally! The cute animal ones are my favourites though.
    PS Having trouble with Blogger today so if this is a duplicate post, feel free to delete!

  2. Stunning photos- I LOVE the wild flower meadow :)

  3. Gorgeous flowers. Aren't the little critters a delight to watch. Love watching how each one tackles the chore getting to the peanuts. :)

  4. Stunning photos Sally. I love those red squirrels, they must have been wonderful to watch. The flowers a beautiful, especially with their insect visitors.

    Sue xx

  5. Glorious pictures, hope you do not mind but I've popped the top one onto a pintrest board and with your permission would like to try to draw the image. Copyright is yours and I would never try to use your image without your express permission. XOXO Zoe

  6. Thoroughly enjoyed your photos Sally, they are awesome.

  7. you could show me every one of your photos, I wouldn't mind!! Love the wild flowers complete with Californian poppies, they are such gorgeous plants. Thanks for sharing all of these beauties.

  8. I love your beautiful photos Sally,thank you for sharing them. The little animals are fascinating to watch aren't they? I love the flowers though, both the beautiful close up cultivated sort and the gorgeous meadow flower border.
    Jean x

  9. Gorgeous pics Sally. I see red squirrels in my garden almost every day and I still get a thrill from any picture of them. I really love the little vole picture, what a cutie! Elaine x

  10. I _did_ enjoy these magnificent photos tremendously. You're a superlative photographer. Wish I had just a smidgen of that skill with a camera. It was lovely to enjoy your get-away to this marvelous place, and how fun to see the bright yellow orange poppies scattered into that gorgeous garden. Great capture of the butterfly. I would never begin to know the names of all the pretty flowers either. TFS.

  11. How could anyone ever mind seeing your stunning photographs Sally, keep 'em coming :o)
    Jackie xx

  12. Love the whole show but think the squirrels win hands down, Saly, some truly brilliant photography.
    Shaz in Oz.x

    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  13. wow...what beautiful pictures. I like the squirrel that get into the feeder. haha. very clever.
    really stunning pictures to capture the colours and the insects. very cleary too.
    Have a good sunday!
    kind regards, Dora

  14. Beautiful photo's again Sally: love these!
    I just wanted to pop over to say thank you for the heads up and if I could get there I would add my name. My RA and fibro are awful at the moment and going out for any length of time is a real problem but thank you for thinking of me hun Karen xx

  15. So pretty! When I see photos like yours I miss the greenery and wildlife from "back east" but really our desert has some lovely things to offer to. Those squirrels are quite resourceful! I was surprised to see one in my bird feeder. I didn't know we had them around here. Love their big fluffy tail!


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