Friday, 14 August 2015

Bird photos from Scotland and News!

 Before I show you my photos, I want to share a bit of wonderful news we had yesterday. Our Daughter, Megan got the A level grades she needed to get in to the University of Sheffield to study Medicine. She won't be too far away (just over an hour to get there) and she gets the chance to follow her dream! We are over the moon and so proud! The past eighteen years has gone so fast. Now we will need to get busy shopping for all those extras she will need - Ikea here we come!
Now on to some more photos. Here are a few of some of the birds we saw on holiday.
 Our first walk down to the beach on holiday revealed this little fellow, a male reed bunting with a beak full of insects.
 This pheasant was right outside the kitchen window when we got up. I guess he was there all night as you can see how saturated he was in the rain!
 Later in the week I was pleased with this shot of a swallow I took at Caerlaverock castle... until I took this one below the following day at Threave - Don't you think he just epitomises joy?
 This nuthatch below was also taken at Threave.
 I ummed and ahhed as to whether I should include the next one as it is such a dreadful photo, but I decided to anyway - a Barn owl taking a rest from his hunting, from the living room at the first cottage

 There were lots of chaffinches at the second cottage and I took this rather handsome male from the dining room window.
 Outside the House Martins (and swallows) fed their fledglings on the flies and midges...
 We visited the Red Kite feeding station at Ballymack Hill Farm and saw some breathtaking red kite action!
 But photography-wise I seem to have had most success with the more common garden birds like this Blue tit at Ken Dee Marshes.
Thanks for looking!


  1. Those are beautiful photos - well done on getting them. We went to a local bird sancturay and even there it was difficult to get really good photos. Congratulations to Megan :)

  2. I think your photos are fabulous Sally! Thank you for sharing them all. Many congratulations to Megan!

    Lesley Xx

  3. Beautiful photos Sally and congratulations to your daughter !


  4. Hello Sally

    Many Congratulations to Megan, well done.

    Sally your photos are stunning. I love how you
    have captured the open mouth of the Nuthatch.


  5. Congratulations to Megan. Hugs Mrs A.

  6. Wonderful photos Sally! But, most of all, huge congratulations to Megan - you must all be delighted.


    Di xx

  7. Sally all of your photographs are wonderful! You should have been a professional photographer hun, all of these are gorgeous and there are quite a few I would happily frame and hang. Especially the red squirrels I have an absolute passion and love for those.
    As for Megan - give her a huge hug from one of her followers that is fabulous news - she is a shining light and not surprised you are so proud Karen xx

  8. I'm back again Sally just to say I've just seen your fab card samples in Creative Stamping magazine, love the owl scene!


  9. Woot woot . . . that is SUCH great news about Megan. Please wish her all the best for the coming University years and all the hard slog and fun that she'll experience.

    Brilliant photography too mate.

    Love all your bird photo's.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  10. Many congratulations to Megan. Your photos are staggeringly good - I love them.

  11. Congratulations to Megan, what an achievement, you must be really proud. Now the work really begins! Fantastic photos Sally, especially the swallows, thanks for sharing. Elaine xx

  12. CONGRATULATIONS Megan, a wonderful achievement, I can see that your Mum is VERY proud of you. Good Luck in your future dreams.

    Not only fabulous photos (even the owl) but you know the names of these birds, some I have heard of but not seen. Keep taking those photos and giving us joy.

  13. I love your fabulous bird photos Sally, thanks for sharing them.

    Huge congratulations to Megan, you are right to be proud of her.

    Jean x

  14. Well done Megan, I love it when hard work is rewarded! Fabulous photos, Sally.

  15. So what good of your daughter. so fine that she can learn what she want to be.
    your pictures with the animals, beautiful taken.
    kind regards, dora

  16. What lovely news Sally.. Many congratulations to Megan at the start of her new journey. We give them wings so they might fly and I wish her the very best of everything for the time ahead. x

  17. Many congratulations to Meg Sally and I know she'll love Sheffield which is where my elder one got her degree. You're lucky it's so close as it was a lot further for us to go!
    Beautiful bird pis too and they all look so lovely.
    Fliss xx

  18. Congratulations to Megan and her results. So glad she will get to do what she want's to. Your photos are stunning, I love them all and would not like to have to pich a favourite out of them.

    Sue xx

  19. Congratulations to Megan - how wonderful that she can follow her dream!
    Your bird photos are beautiful, and I'm glad that you included the one of the barn owl. It is very special.

  20. First things first, congratulations to Megan and her wonderful achievement...hugs
    Stunning photographs, and that barn owl one looks like a painting :o)
    Jackie xx

  21. Hi Sally...I hope you are well. Many congratulations to Megan on her results and I wish her lots of luck as she sets out on her new journey. Your photographs are stunning as always. Debbie xx

  22. Very well done Meg I'm so pleased for you. Lovely photos too Sally.
    Just to say that the post you commented on this morning shouldn't have been there til next month! I've removed it but don't want you thinking you've dreamt it!
    Lynn x

  23. Congratulations, Megan that's fantastic news. Sheffield seems a very popular choice, I know several students from round here that have had a brilliant time there. I hope it all goes brilliantly for you...exciting times.
    Love those bird pics, Sally. I need to catch up with all your holiday photos, looks like you had a lovely time. We went to Northumberland and absolutely loved it.
    Thanks for all your lovely comments. I am a terrible blogger at the minute, there just aren't enough hours in the day!!
    Hugs Lisax

  24. Great bird photos. I know birds aren't the best subject. They just don't like to hold still!


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