Monday, 15 August 2016

A taste of Pembrokeshire

We spent a couple of weeks in Pembrokeshire once I had finished at school. Meg came with us and we all enjoyed the fresh air and exercise! The first week we were near the North Pembrokeshire coast not far from Newport. We walked about 8 miles of the coastal path between Newport and Dinas Head.
Here are a few photos...

As you can see it was a beautiful day!
Our second week was on the Marloes peninsula and we had fairly good weather for most of the week.  Here are some more views...

Hope you enjoyed dipping your toes in with me! I'll show you some more photos another day. Before I go, if any of you can help me with some Welsh pronunciation I'd appreciate it: the place name Eglwyswrw... it is the last three letters that are causing me puzzlement!
Thanks for looking!


  1. Fab photos Sally, a lovely part of the wonderful British Isles indeed. I'm pretty sure those last three letters are pronounced as 'roo'.


    Di xx

  2. Super photos Sally, it's a lovely looking area, and the beach is beautiful, if we only got good weather, a lot more people would stay and holiday at home with beaches like this. Fabulous coastline.
    Pleased you enjoyed your holiday. Our schools went back to day and it was lovely to see all the little ones marching off for their first day ever at school, and guess what the weather is scorching, typical when the school hols had cold, rain, wind, Kate x

  3. Wow Sally - your photographs are wonderful, and what a beautiful area for you to relax during the school holidays.
    Sylvia xxxx

  4. Beautiful photos. Unfortunately I have never been to Wales and it has not rained!

  5. Fantastic photos Sally, looks like you had some wonderful weather too (makes a change for the UK).

    Sue xx

  6. Fantastic scenery and looks very tranquil. Hugs Mrs A.

  7. Really professional photos Sally, they show off the scenery so beautifully.

    As for the pronunciation. Eglwyswrw egg-lis-oo-roo, that is the closest I can put down to sound like it. I'm not a Welsh speaker, but that is how I would say it. UNLESS you can get a Welsh speaker to correct me LOL.


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