Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Hope I am not boring you!

As we finished the term, I took one last visit to the wildflower meadow on the allotment. I have become fascinated by the number of different types of poppies we have.
There are so many!
I particularly love the crinkly petals on this one.
Some have black crosses, white crosses or no markings in the middles.
The corn marigolds vary from white to deep yellow.
Oh yes, did I mention the poppies, lol?
The bees love them too!

I love how the blue cornflowers contrast so well with the poppies...
and the corn marigolds do too!
These poppies even have black and white markings in the middle!

I am sure I must be boring you now!

This, below, is the only flower I am not sure what it is... anyone know?

Here are a couple of lovely blue cornflowers...

And one last look before September...
I promise that is it! Thanks for your patience and indulging my latest photographic obsession, lol! In all seriousness, if you have some land you don't know what to do with, get a bag of wildflower mix and throw it down! This cost us £8 from Wilkos and has been truly amazing! It has also been alive with bees for a good month, so we are happy to have done our bit for the environment too!
Thanks for looking!


  1. Amazing photos. I love flowers!
    Valerija xx

  2. Not boring at all, these are all so beautiful. Could the unknown flower be a variety of the cranesbill family, you could probably tell by the leaves or the seed pod when the flower dies off.

  3. What a fabulous field of flowers! I could sit all day looking at their beauty! Thanks for sharing. Hugs

  4. Hi Sally, well I for one would never get bored looking at flowers and what glorious colours these ones are, the poppies are stunning, love them. I didn't know there are so many different kinds,thank for sharing, Kate x

  5. Absolutely wonderful photos Sally. Well done helping the environment. I love watching the bees at work. Barbxx

  6. Beautiful Sally, not boring. I love the different types of poppy and I was not aware there were so many too. All schools should do something like this, it would teach the children how things grow and how it helps the different types of insects too.

    Sue xx

  7. No, never boring! (have you seen how many photos I take at Kew?!) The poppies are stunning, and I love the contrast of the blue and yellow... what an amazing place, I don't know how you tear yourself away.

  8. Such gorgeous flowers! I love seeing poppies. Of course, these days I only see flowers and the like in photographs. I have a great front yard of brick and a back yard of dirt. Very little maintenance. The sun is too brutal to grow delicate blooms like these.

  9. How could something so VERY beautiful be boring, it is something I suspect the pupils have great pleasure of too.

  10. came back to say thank you for visiting - that really wasn't why I mentioned Kew - but you're not wrong about being broke if we still had our film cameras!!

  11. Wonderful flowers, Sally.


  12. wowowowowowowo I love your cards and theses photos - stunning just stunning - i have pinched and put them on pinterest - just stunningx


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