Saturday, 13 June 2009

6th challenge

I've been challenged by June to complete the 6th challenge which sounds like a lot of fun, so here is my entry. You open the 6th folder in your photos and use the 6th photo and tell it's story. Here is my photo.Now I can't tell you the story about it without showing you what I put inside, which is here.
It was the card I made for Steve on our 15th wedding anniversary. I thought I'd better put a bit more effort in as the 2 years before that had been very 'last minute'. It is our 20th this year... I guess it's time to start thinking! Now I need to nominate 6 people to have a go too. They are:

Lynne K at Creative Lynks
Papoosue at Random Blethers
Lisa at the Craft Garden

Hope you are able to play along!


Lynne K said...

Ooerr! Ok, I'll see what my 6th 6th is! Your anniversary card is gorgeous. Hope you're going to show us the 20th one! Btw, love your new blog header. Time I updated mine! x

lisa said...

Thanks Sally, this could be interesting, not even sure were my photo folder is!!!!
I love your card though, it's so detailed. I know what you mean about them usually being rush jobs, mine too. I shall have to take a leaf out of your book.
Have a lovely weekend.


Lottie said...

Beautiful, really gorgeous. Thank you very much for the challenge - I am so sorry that I can't join in - but I do love visiting your blog - being a 'follower' is such a great way of getting so much inspiration -which I very much need at the moment - and time - yes - time.

Sue said...

Thanks for this Sally! Actually it could have been worse, I once had 'Slimming Pants' as a screen saver 'cos I had sold some on e-bay and I couldn't get rid of the photograph!
I never have to make my OH anything 'cos he hates my cards lol x

Spyder said...

Had to pop over and see your 6th/6th (you know whatI mean

it's really lovely!!Such a lot of thought must have gone into making it