Saturday, 13 June 2009

6th challenge

I've been challenged by June to complete the 6th challenge which sounds like a lot of fun, so here is my entry. You open the 6th folder in your photos and use the 6th photo and tell it's story. Here is my photo.Now I can't tell you the story about it without showing you what I put inside, which is here.
It was the card I made for Steve on our 15th wedding anniversary. I thought I'd better put a bit more effort in as the 2 years before that had been very 'last minute'. It is our 20th this year... I guess it's time to start thinking! Now I need to nominate 6 people to have a go too. They are:

Lynne K at Creative Lynks
Papoosue at Random Blethers
Lisa at the Craft Garden

Hope you are able to play along!


  1. Ooerr! Ok, I'll see what my 6th 6th is! Your anniversary card is gorgeous. Hope you're going to show us the 20th one! Btw, love your new blog header. Time I updated mine! x

  2. Thanks Sally, this could be interesting, not even sure were my photo folder is!!!!
    I love your card though, it's so detailed. I know what you mean about them usually being rush jobs, mine too. I shall have to take a leaf out of your book.
    Have a lovely weekend.


  3. Beautiful, really gorgeous. Thank you very much for the challenge - I am so sorry that I can't join in - but I do love visiting your blog - being a 'follower' is such a great way of getting so much inspiration -which I very much need at the moment - and time - yes - time.

  4. Thanks for this Sally! Actually it could have been worse, I once had 'Slimming Pants' as a screen saver 'cos I had sold some on e-bay and I couldn't get rid of the photograph!
    I never have to make my OH anything 'cos he hates my cards lol x

  5. Had to pop over and see your 6th/6th (you know whatI mean

    it's really lovely!!Such a lot of thought must have gone into making it



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