Wednesday, 24 June 2009

My Pets...

Many people will think I'm a real wierdo, but I think it's time to introduce you to my pets. There are three of mine and two belonging to Megan. We don't own a cat or a dog, we don't have rabbits, guinea pigs or hamsters, but we do have...Giant African Land Snails! These are the perfect pets for anyone who can't have fur around and wants something cheap. They eat about half a cucumber and a quarter of a lettuce each week. They are very good at finishing off limp salad from the bottom of the fridge, old fruit and some vegetables. This particular variety don't need extra heat. They are fine at room temperature. They live in a plastic tank with irish moss peat in it and need spraying with water each day. If you look closely at the bottom picture you will see Brian is giving a piggyback to his/her son/daughter (they are hermaphrodites), about 3 weeks after it hatched.
They are also very entertaining when given a 'shower' under the tap. You can see Brian's brother, Gary here. My three snails live at school in term time, and are a big hit with the children, particularly when we race them and give them a shower! They are fascinating creatures, honest!


lisa said...

Ohhhh I've come over all unnecessary Sally. I would never have guessed at snails, I was thinking along the lines of fish!!!!!!
I'm not sure what I think to snails, especially giant ones. I can't cope with slugs at all, yes I know being a gardener and all, but hubby gets called on many occassions to remove one from out of the way. I can manage snails a bit better but usually just to throw them over the fence, sshh don't tell my neighbours. Keeping them in the house and handling them might just be a bit much for me but I can understand why your children at school love them and I'm sure they are much less trouble then these furry pets of ours!!!
Seriously though it's lovely to see them. Thank you for sharing them.


Lottie said...

I was offered some of those for free once. But I didn't take them. Are they slimy? How often do they need cleaning out

I bet my oldest grandson would love them.

Sally H said...

They are slimy, Lottie, but it washes off with soap. As long as you sift out any vegetation that has started to rot or go mouldy, the peat needs changing every 2 to 3 weeks. My big bag of peat (cost about £4) lasts about 18 months. They were given to me by a parent from school who had been given ten and could only house 5. I kept 3 and the other two went to 9 year old boys! Apparently Spongebob Squarepants has a pet snail!

Phree said...

Oh my, errrr thanks for sharing I think, but I can't imagine me taking to snails as pets - my fault for being far to squeamish about things like that.

Vince B said...

Hee hee - What wonderful snails. We keep Hermit crabs it's such a treat to watch the nonplussed look on the faces of visitors as they stare into the vivarium and see them all crawling about.
They may seem like strange pets but I swear they all have their own individual personalities.