Friday, 21 May 2010

No card, but a poem

I was off work yesterday looking after Meg, trying to get her better in time for today when she went off to PGL today, until Monday. She was still not 100% but hopefully she is well enough to enjoy it. If not, then I'll get a phone call and I'll be driving out there to fetch her. She will be climbing, doing zip wire, high ropes and archery. I like the sound of the last one but the others sound a bit high for me!
We had a fabulous morning at school with a visit from the poet Paul Cookson. I laughed so hard I was crying! It was so funny the way he reacted so quickly to everyone and everything going on. I found this little example of one of his poems on you tube. Hope you like it!


Clare *Littlebear* said...

Hi Sally,
I'm sure Meg will have a fabulous time. There's nothing like being busy and excited to take your mind off the symptoms of a cold.
Clare x

June said...

Lol love it hehe, great fun and makes me glad that with seven grandkids ... i dont knit !!!
hugs June xxxxx

Spyder said...

great vid, loved it!

and I know all about granny's knitting!!

chris said...

Hi there Sally
hope megan is ok, Mitchell loved his pgl last year.
thanks for the video it bought it all back.
hugs chris xx

Danielle said...

Hello Sally in the UK!!!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog, to see my TT offering!!

YOU make amazing things!! I can get lost here for hours!

And Sir Stampalot? WOW too!! What talent, and quite a following for only 1 month! I may have to throw my hat in. The prize is too awesome!!

Hope you come visit again!! I'll bee back to see you!

Cath Wilson said...

Sally, this is wonderful :) Isn't he great? I've sent the website link to my friend, a Head teacher - she's well into all forms of creativity so I'm sure she'd like him - she's from Lancashire, too, lol.

lisa said...

So sorry to hear Meg's been under the weather. Sal. I hope she's had a great weekend. Being out in the fresh air on such a glorious weekend is the best medicine.
We had this poet at our school a few months ago and he's great isn't he. The children just loved him and his poems and still talk about his visit.