Monday, 14 September 2020

Stamping on fabric for Bee Crafty


Good morning! I am here with a little Bee Crafty DT project and to bust a few myths, lol! Let's start with those. Firstly you don't need special ink to stamp on fabric unless you are going to wash it. If it is going on a card it isn't going to be washed, so most inks will work well. I have used versafine, versafine clair, memento luxe, stazon, brilliance and versamagic. All worked fine, but I was particularly impressed with the versafine clair, which is not waterbased and can be coloured and dampened after stamping without it changing.

Secondly, you can colour your fabric with most mediums. All those sprays like dylusions and distress oxides can be sprayed on fabric. It would wash out, but for a card they are wonderful. You can also colour with inktense pencils and blocks which I am told can be heat set, becoming permenant after ironing. You will need to iron your fabric a couple of times during the process. You can also use a range of fabric. The best thing to do is experiment and see!

Let's get on shall we?

I used dylusions spray inks, Beautanicals large branch and tree stamps, Wordage small words, Brown Versafine clair ink, sequins, seed beads and green embroidery threads

First I started with a piece of calico and sprayed with dylusions and water. Once it was almost dry I ironed it. I've also used poly cotton pillow cases and curtain lining which also worked well. I tend to rip the fabric to give a frayed edge along the weave so it is straight.

I placed the flat coloured fabric in my stamp platform and stamped the tree using versafine Clair. If you want to use an embroidery hoop make sure your fabric is big enough and you stamp centrally. You can always make it smaller afterwards.

Next you can use up some of the little stuff from your stash! I sewed on small seed beads in the middle of sequins. Check your needle is narrow enough to pass through your beads before you thread it, lol.

Next I added some smaller and larger seed beads on their own.

To ground my tree I added 'grass' which is just straight stitch in 2 different shades of green. It doesn't have to be neat and it can be all different lengths, just like grass. Just keep going until the gaps are filled. I used single strands of embroidery thread for my grass. You could add some embroidery to the tree too. Single Chain stitch makes good leaves and french knots also look good. There are plenty of you tube videos for these. Once you have finished, iron your fabric again taking care around the embellishments.

Mat and layer your fabric to your card. Double sided tape works well, or use a good glue stick to stick fabric to paper. You could even sew it together! 

Finally add a sentiment...

I am really enjoying getting back into needlework at the moment. I've realised there are lots of stamps I can use for this sort of project and it is good to experiment, mixing paper, card and fabric, as well as inks and sprays!

Before I go, just out of curiosity, would you be interested in doing something like this as an online workshop? A little kit to sit and stitch together? It would have to be via facebook I think, or possibly zoom. If so leave me a comment as it is something I am thinking about 😀

Thanks for looking!


Pat said...

How beautiful Sally and the vibrant autumnal colours look great and good coverage with the sprays. The tree with its branches laden with sequins and beads are so pretty and sparkly and the grass with the long and short stitches looks perfect, and love the layering on to yellow card before putting on the base card. I think you workshop idea would be interesting to lots of people. I have done quite a lot of embroidery and cross stitch, not recently though, but have never really done any inking on to fabric, not so much my sort of thing, but the end result makes a wonderful and different card. Let's say I could be tempted. x

Daffodil Cards said...

WOW! WOW! WOW! so many interesting techniques and ideas on your card Sally and so very beautiful also.
Faith x

Viv said...

This is so pretty Sal. The background is all my fave colours... stamped onto fabric a long time ago (when I was having my mixed media craze)but none of my efforts turned out as pretty as this!
And as for a kit I'd give it a go except I can't thread a needle ....LOL (so embroidery for living room walls is also out of the question!)x

Joan said...

Thia is fabulous Sally and a great tutorial to (now I know what you wanted the beads for!)

Joan x