Sunday, 8 February 2009

Bang goes my New Year Resolution!

I've made a few cards and an ATC to go in my box. I need to sell a few to make up for the fact that Lynne and I went to Once Upon A Stamp this morning, and I had fully intended spending about £30, but spent twice that! I bought three sets of nestabilitles, one of which I will put away for my Birthday. I also got the embossing mats and 6 ink pads, 4 distress and 2 adirondack. I saved £12 with the special offers they had on, so it could have been worse!!! Stamps featured are from Graphicus, Magenta and crafty individuals.


bikerted said...

Typical girl. Spend £60 to save £12
Hope Steve is aware of this.

Lynne K said...

But of course, if we hadn't saved the £12 we'd have spent even more! These are not luxuries, they're necessities! Gorgeous cards, Sally, I especially like the Harlequin Roses.

Sally H said...

Thanks Lynne! I am sure Biker Ted would do the same if it were for his Bike!!!!