Thursday, 5 February 2009

Snow and Teaching

Today I have decided to have a bit of a rant. Over the past few days the press have been very negative about teachers, and I really want to set the record straight. Today is the first day I have not made it into school and that our school has been closed. I set off at 7.15 - ten minutes earlier than usual, and took an hour to get just less than a mile. Our school was announced as closed at 7.50 and I still haven't heard how many staff have made it back home safe and sound. I spent over half an hour stuck on a road in Sherwood. The ring road was down to a single lane. I eventually managed to get myself back to the road where I live, but had to leave my car at the bottom of the hill after hitting the curb several times whilst attempting to get up the road. I am feeling really fed up. Believe it or not I really wanted to go to work today. Some children in my class are really beginning to make good progress and I want to use every possible moment to make sure they succeed. When I've finished my rant I will be making some resources to use with them and planning for next week.
I feel a responsibility towards the children in my class that is not very far removed from the responsibility I feel as a parent. I teach them, yes, but I also put plasters on their knees, mop up their sick, return their hugs and tell them that I am there for them every step of the way, because in some cases I'm the only adult in their lives that will be. So, when some local radio presenter says that Teachers are lazy, am I over-reacting by feeling upset? What is that saying about walking a mile in someone elses shoes? This week I have delivered staff meeting, dealt with cuts and bruises, 'Choral' vomiting (Why do parents send their children to school when they have been throwing up all night?) headlice as big as rodents, computer gliches, snowball fights, falling out over football and still managed to teach 5 lessons each day to a class of 27 wonderful, vibrant, positive children who want to make me proud of them. I'd love to see that Radio presenter do the same.