Thursday, 5 February 2009

Today got better!

Today might not have started off too well, but it has got better. Just after lunch I got a phone call to say Julie was home! She had her operation on the 26th January and she has already come home. To quote another friend, 'What a fighter!' Mohamed Ali has got nothing on her! Meg and I popped up to see her for a little while, and she looks great! The trip back from Manchester was without problem until they got to our street. Julie wasn't going to be defeated though - she walked the last little bit with a hand from her hubby Paul. She is still going to be recouperating for a couple of months yet, with no lifting -not even the kettle, but she is surrounded by those who love her which I am sure will help alot.


Lynne K said...

That's excellent news.

Sally Holmes said...

Absolutely and I still can't believe how fab she looks!