Sunday, 3 May 2009

I'm back! (10 lots of 10 part 5)

First of all I would like to thank everyone who has left me comments over the past few weeks wishing me luck with the new computer and saying they have missed me. It is good to know I have such good friends out there in blogger land! I may well do a few posts this weekend, as I've just downloaded about 30 photos of cards! There were also some photos of Meg and her friend who sang at the concert last night. It was a wonderful evening and I was immensely proud, shedding several tears, as were a few hundred other parents, I am sure! The dancing, singing and instrumental sections were of an incredibly high standard, considering they were all still of school age.
Anyway, here are my last two lots of ten. For these I focused again on ten stamped images over a background made with distress inks and creative colour sprays. All stamps used in both were from Crafty Individuals.
This project has been fun, but I can't imagine doing it for a greater number, so when I reach 200 posts I might do something a bit easier and less time consuming!!! Thanks again for all your lovely comments.


CraftyC said...

Lovely cards Sally!

Lynne K said...

Gorgeous cards, Sally, & well done for completing a great project.

lisa said...

So good to have you back Sally. Glad Meg's concert when well, it sounds really good. It's a good job it's usually dark when we watch our children isn't it, no-one can see those tears!!!!
Love both your cards, but the purple flowers are stunning.
Thanks for your comments on my blog-much appreciated.