Tuesday, 22 December 2009

A magical day!

What a magical day I've had! This morning was spent crafting and waiting for the postie (who brought my Allsorts goodies!). The two cards were made after I was inspired by Chris, to look at my Inkadinkado inchie stamps. On the Butterflies and Birds plate I found the lovely dove which I stamped and embossed with, yes, more Kaleidoscope embossing powder.
Just before 12 we set off for a bowl of soup and a wander round Rufford Park. It was truly magical! We had many close encounters with the robins, chaffinches and squirrels in the park who were busy feeding on the grain the rangers had left for them. The ducks and geese were skating beautifully and the sun was just strong enough to give everything a lovely glow! Meg took some fantastic photos too that you can see on her blog 'My Little World'. I don't know how many Robins live in the park, but everywhere we looked there were so many! Hope you have had a great day too!
P.S. On behalf of the animals you might want to check this out!


Lynne K said...

Love the cards, Sally, and doesn't the dove picture go well with the Cuttlebug background. Your photos are beautiful. The one of the robin is particularly good. Looks like you had a most enjoyable walk.

Lottie said...

Gorgeous cards and fantastic photos - which would make gorgeous cards thjemselves

brenda said...

Looks like a great day Sally, we spend hours watching the wildlife, very lucky I know, as we live in the middle of nowhere so they are all in the garden and paddocks within sight.

A while back we spent a whole Saurday afternoon watching a squirrel (Sam the squibble as the youngest granddaughter calls him)store away the nuts I found on a kitchen clear out.

My hubby put then in a bowl on the top of the tractor and as the afternoon went on he got slower and slower and by dusk looked utterly shattered. But he took every last one so has a pretty good store for winter in three different hiding places.

Merry Christmas.

B x

lisa said...

Gorgeous cards Sally.
Sounds like a perfect day in a lovely place. Your's and Meg's photos are stunning.


chris said...

Hi Sally what wonderful cards I love that kaliedoscope embossing powder, pleased I inspired you and thankyou for adding me to your blog.
your photographs are amazing I could look at photos like this all day. have a very happy christmas love chris xx

Val said...

Hi Sally - thank you so much for your comments - it is much appreciated. Your photos are beautiful, as are your cards.
We had thunder, lightening, and hail this evening, so it has melted a little and now frozen over again. C'est la vie.

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.


Guzzisue said...

Confession! your Christmas card is still in the boot of our car, we were going to bring it round Sunday evening but were defeated by the snow, So have a great Christmas and we will be round once the roads clear:-)

craftimamma said...

I missed this post Sally but the cards are lovely.

The photos are absolutely wonderful and taken in one of my fave places for walking the dog as it's only about 15 minutes from me. Haven't managed to get over while the snow's been here though and it's thawing now.

Lesley Xx

Cath Wilson said...

Fab pics there - love those birds and a great variety, too :) I'm jealous and want to live closer...

Can do without the squirrels, though - I seem to be forever chasing them out of the garden to preserve some food for the birds!

Love the cards, too - so simple yet so very effective.

First time I've visited your blog but I shall be back...

Kay Carley said...

Love the squirrel picture Sally. I am a great fan of squirrels as we used to have some really tame ones that used to come into the house!

Kay xx