Thursday, 10 December 2009

More cute ones!

I'm still making Christmas cards, although I haven't got the brain power or inspiration to do anything other than cute, I'm afraid. Panto is over and I have had what was probably the most important meeting of my career. The Head has been off sick for two and a half weeks so I've been really acting up ;o) !!! I thought I would be able to relax a bit after Tuesday's meeting and Wednesday's Nativity and Carols, but no. I won't say any more other than I will really enjoy Karate on Friday night!
Anyway, onto my cards. The reindeer is a Pink Gem stamp and the mouse is from Digistamp boutique. They are both coloured with promarkers. The blue paper is from Dovecraft and the tartan paper is from Funky Fairies. The mouse one brought back memories of a dress I had when I was a little girl. It was red tartan, with bodice that had two lines of lace down it, and a sash that tied at the back. Crickey, I'm really rambling now! Maybe I'm cracking up... or hallucinating on promarker fumes!!!


Lynne K said...

Must be the Promarker fumes! (Lovely cards, though.)

lisa said...

Pen fumes can do funny things to you, Sally!!!! Love the cards, that reindeer is so cute!!!
Hope you have a very relaxing weekend, sounds like you need it!!


Jules said...

Hey nothing wrong with cute Sally!!

Thank you for setting me my 35 questions. I have had an attempt at answering them all but of course couldn't stick to one word answers because I ramble too much .. .. .. just like I have here.

Love your little mouse card by the way!

Love Jules xx

brenda said...

Hi Sally

Love Lynne adn Lisas posts - no comment from this end and definately not guilty.

Wanted you to know I used those owl stamps from my candy first time today - did some tiny tins for the little ones and those stamps were just perfect.

Have a good weekend, no demos for me, just sixteen to feed tomorrow.

B x

Lesley said...

Lovely cards Sally, the mouse is so cute! xx

craftimamma said...

These are lovely Sally. I especially love the little mouse, he's really cute. I like the expression on the reindeer's face too.

I bet you looked just as cute as them in your little tartan dress!

Enjoy your weekend!

Lesley Xx

J-Dog said...

WOW! Did you make those your self?
They rock! Also, where did you get the cool back round for your blog?

chris said...

very cute but then thats what I like at this time of the year
super cards,love chrisxx