Sunday, 6 December 2009

A Wonderful Day!

I must be on a roll - this is my second post today! Yesterday Lynne and I went to the big Demo Day at Sir Stampalot. We went to meet Brenda and pick up my lovely promarkers (and shop of course!). We got there just after eleven and then spent the next three hours going between the demo room and the shop. Such wonderful inspiration, such talent and great ideas! We had such a brilliant day! Brenda is such a lovely lady and we chatted as she demonstrated some lovely little metal boxes and her beautiful roses. There were seven very talented ladies demonstrating a variety of techniques and they were all so friendly and obliging. If you are able to go to one of the demo Days I would urge you to go. I came home buzzing with ideas and with a lovely warm glow! I also came home with a very empty purse, but we'll not dwell on that!
So here is my first card featuring a rose (using stamps from The Stamp Man). It isn't as perfect as the ones Brenda made, but I am sure I will improve! I've made 6 now, Brenda, and I'm really getting into the swing of it! Thank you my dear friends Lynne and Brenda, for making my day week!


Lynne K said...

Lovely card, Sally, & the rose is fab! (I really MUST get those stamps...) I've made a couple of roses but I've got to get some Christmas cards made before I do anything else. Hmmm...maybe they could be Christmas roses..

brenda said...

Hello Sally

First, thank you so very much for coming yesterday, such a long journey and I really do appreciate you taking the time to come so far.

It was wonderful to meet you and Lynne and I am so pleesd you enjoyed yourslef, even if you did leave a bit ligher monywise.

On to your rose, it looks perfect to me - I have blown it up for a close inspection as well. And the colours and whole card are lovely, very me.

B x

lisa said...

This is beautiful Sally. I really NEED to know how to make those roses, please share!!!!!!
I'm so glad you had a lovely day with Brenda yesterday, it sounds fab.
Hope your week is a bit quieter at school next week.


Sally H said...

Don't worry, Lisa! Brenda has done a tutorial which she will be putting on her blog, so you can find out from an expert!

bikerted said...

Was worried for a second there, Sal. When you said big Demo Day I thought you was getting involved in the meetings in the city centre :o)

Jules said...

Hi Sally

Hey - don't you go blaming my mate Brenda for you having no self control with your purse LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Don't worry - I know the feeling well. Brenda just inspires doesn't she?).

I am so pleased you had a brilliant day. It sounded wonderful from all the catch ups I have had here and there in blogland.

A few things.....

1. Your rose is gorgeous - you would be proud of it. I feel sure Brenda is as impressed as I am.

2. For the first time I have noticed you are a Jethro Tull fan!! Yeah - snap. Come on then - favourite track of all times? Mine is "Wond'ring aloud"
- but followed by many, many others.

We have been to see them many times and have possibly all of their tracks/CDs - how about you?

Love Jules xx

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous Sally, love the colours and your rose is really fab.
Glad you had a lovely day, I wish I lived closer to the bigger shops.