Friday, 7 May 2010

Cake, cake and more cake!

Here is yesterday's carrot cake that I promised to share with you. Unfortunately you can't have any because I took it to work. More than half had gone by the end of playtime and the rest disappeared very quickly at lunchtime! Someone suggested I ought to try the recipe again to see if I could do any better... and they would gladly sample it for me!
While I was doing a cakey post I thought I would share a picture of Meg's Birthday cake. She asked for a Victoria sponge with apple and buttercream filling. I wasn't sure it would work, but it was fine. If I did it again I would add a bit of cinnamon to the buttercream, I think.
Finally here is a slice of coffee and walnut cake. Not everyone's favourite, but I fancied something different. Shall I put the kettle on? Thanks for looking!


Debbie Dolphin said...

mmmmmmmmm yum yum
debbie xxxxxx


Ooooooh, you little tease!! I LOVE Carrot Cake, and Coffee & Walnut cake. They all look absolutely scrumptious!
Hugs, Sylvia xx

pinky said...

OMG so yummy, I am a complte cake freak so yes get the kettle on, if the ash lifts I'll be at your door in the morning lol.

Spyder said...

oh this looks totally yummy!! Haven't made carrot cake since.... for years!! and I did one for a school fete...We had guess the name of the baby bay and the winner won the cake! Apple butter cream does sound really yummy too!

Wilfreda said...

They look so yummy. The coffee and walnut cake sounds wonderful.

Clare *Littlebear* said...

Yum, yum, yum! Please save a slice of the coffee and walnut for me!
Clare x

Tracy said...

OMG Cake heaven, I love carrot cake, but do you know I've never made one yet, don't know why. Everybody loves my scones and flapjack so I always end up doing them. Your carrot cake looks totally gorgeous and delicious love.
Happy crafting
Tract x

Lynne K said...

Yum yum!! Save me a bit of the coffee & walnut cake for next time I come round, please! x

Lesley said...

Oh yummy cakes Sally! I want to eat some cake now! Luckily I made a fruit cake yesterday so might just go and get a bit lol! xx

Jules said...

Oh yes, a slice of that would be just cool!!!

Just had my dinner and could just manage a small slice for my pud!!

Love Jules xx

craftimamma said...

Oh my, Oh my, Oh my Sally - COFFEE AND WALNUT CAKE IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE CAKE! I used to make it regularly years ago but because I couldn't be happy with just one or two pieces I stopped making it. I just can't leave it alone if I have some in the cake tin.

Your other cakes look delicious too but this one, Ummmmmmmmm!

Lesley Xx