Sunday, 22 March 2009

Happy Mother's Day

This is my Mother's Day card from Megan. It is an inverted pyramid card. I was very impressed! I was even more impressed when I opened my present. Look what she got me! It is the Innovative Stamp Creations plate called 'Friendship'
I've have had a very relaxing day, watching Meg and Steve wash my car. Meg made my lunch and then we popped round to see Steve's parents. Meg has also helped prepare the veg for tonight's roast dinner. I am blessed with a wonderful daughter!


Megan said...

glad you think so

Lynne K said...

Brilliant card! Watch out, Sally, you've got some great competition! (Great pressie too).

lisa said...

What a great card. Aren't we blessed to have such great daughters! Love the themeplate too.