Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Feeling blue...

Here are a couple more cards using the inked cuttlebug folders I mentioned in my last post. again I used the Kaleidacolor blue breeze ink. I added a few blobs of diamond stickles to the first one.
For the next I added a greeting, thinking of a close friend who lost her Mum today.

Finally, these little birds, made with stamps from crafty individuals, have been AWOL on my craft table for a few weeks. As usual I lost something else and turned up all sorts whilst I was looking. I am so untidy, and when I try to tidy I am easily distracted by the multitude of 'half-makes' that I find. I really need to have a major tidy at the weekend...


  1. I really love the inked cuttlebug cards. I'm dying to try this but need a shopping trip for a brayer-any excuse!!

  2. make sure you get a speed ball brayer. It is softer and slightly more absorbant than the rubber ones x

  3. Beautiful cards Sally, I haven't tried inking my folders yet, something else to put on the to do list! xx

  4. I really love the stamp stamps, lol. I have a list of needing a cuttlebug and speed ball brayer! I know exactly what you mean about finding all of the lost of half done items when a cleaning mission is needed. Gina


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