Monday, 27 April 2009

My First Blog award!

I have recieved my first Blog award from Lisa. Thank you so much! I now have to think of ten people to award it to. Am I allowed to award it to people who already have one? Once I know the answer to this I will post who I intend to award it to!
Thanks again, Lisa! Glad to know my blog is a hit with you!

Computer update - it will be with me on thursday at the latest...I'm getting excited now!


Lynne K said...

Congratulations Sally. Very well deserved! x

lisa said...

Glad you are as pleased to receive it as I was to receive mine. As far as I know you can award it to anyone, regardless of whether they have it or not 'cos it's coming from you!! My blog friend Enfys said it was ok to be lazy and just pick 5 lovely people to give it too so I think you can do just want you want.
Good luck with the new computer.


Sue said...

Congratulations Sally, hope you have your acceptance speach ready xx