Thursday, 30 April 2009

Still no computer!

Apparently my old PC is not giving up without a fight so the date for my new PC to be up and running is now Saturday morning. I am getting real withdrawal symptoms now! I keep going and opening the cupboard and staring into it and sighing!
Saturday is going to be very busy, as Meg has a rehearsal in the afternoon and a concert in the evening for 'Science on Stage'. The best way to describe it is a mixture of songs, dance and scientific experiments following a theme. Meg and her friend Samantha are singing the opening number, then joining the choir for the rest of the concert. It is at the concert hall in Nottingham. I don't know who is more nervous - me or her!
I will try to announce the blog candy winners on Saturday when we get back, but it might be Sunday morning! Keep your fingers crossed for Meg and the computer!


lisa said...

I don't know how you've coped so long without your PC Sally, I wouldn't be able to survive without mine, you're very patient.
Good Luck wishes to Megan for tomorrow I hope it all goes really well. It sounds fantastic, you must be very proud.


June said...

Awww i do hope you will soon be sitting with your new pc. Its rotten without these things as we get so used to being able to keep in contact. You just take care and hope to see you very soon
Hugs June x